Tuesday, December 28, 2010

..good think I'm not...

I am not a pro cigar person but most of my relatives does smoke cigar. I grew up with a family who mostly of the guy relative smoke, but haven't seen any from the women though. Probably its one reason why I haven't learn to smoke too.
I think its really hard to be a smoker and not to mention the health thing but the finances because cigarettes are not cheap. When I was young I used to buy cigar for "lolo" my beloved grandpa. Cigars then were cheap, though today there are cigars for less but still... things before are still cheaper than today.

I am still thankful that I never learn to do such things because if I did... I don't know what life would be now!

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Marc Jacobs Handbags for me

I have lots of friends who really likes bags in general no matter what's the name as long as its nice and new. Seeing them happy with their bags make me wish that I'm like them because I'm not and I even went out without bringing one.
I have an officemate though that she has loads of bags and she brought different one to the office almost every other day or depends on what she wore that day.
What really shocked me in a way was hearing from friends that some bags cost millions and some women fought for it. whew! never thought it happens that way sometimes. A bag is only a bag for me, I don't see any more than that.
But if I'm gonna have a Marc Jacobs handbags for Christmas... would be an amazing thing too. I couldn't ask for more Christmas gift than this.
I'm still waiting for a gift like this though! :)

The moment has finally come!

In January 2, hubby and I will start to move some stuff from this present house to our next destination. Then on the 9th... we are going to move all our belongings because it's the only day that we can use our teams van. So... even though our end day is in the 15th... hubby and I will be forced to move early for that reason.
Hubby asked me if I am excited and I told him not :( because I like living here in Makati plus it's good to be near with friends too. But we need to do this sacrifice to save money for our dream house!

We really don't know what lies ahead of us, but it's good to know that the Lord is good and He direct paths and prosper plans.
Thank you dear Lord!

Monday, December 20, 2010


Two weeks ago when we heard that we won't get any bonus and hubby will loss his allowance too and the possibility that we might loss our office on January . We accepted it positively and we even encourages our teammates that maybe the Lord has something bigger blessing for us. It's always easier said than done... because when hubby and I talked about it during our us time before bed... fear is present in us and we on thinking on how to find other income means. We were discourage for days, there were nights that hubby barely sleeps at all... Yet the only hope and strength we had is the promise of God in Jeremiah 29:11 "For I know the plans I have for you, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a good future".

Two days ago... our team leader invited us to a breakfast fellowship at Starbucks-Harbour center. We had great time talking with him. Then when we are about to go... he suddenly said that he has a suggestion/job offer for me. He told me that If I would like to take the partnership director position in our team... this goes with an allowance when our team financial support will get stable. There was another job offer again to handle the JKKCC Church financial stuff-to act as the accounting officer, and this promise of a minimum salary too.

Hubby and I were both excited to face the challenges of the coming new year. It seems that we have loads of financial opportunity. It is indeed true that when God closes doors... He will open all the windows!

Saturday, December 11, 2010


We went to this famous place in Bangkok Thailand on November one last month. We never expected that we'll be there during that time and actually we don't even realized it's Halloween. When we saw the street parties and the bulk of people walking with costumes then we found out it Halloween party.
They say that people went to visit that particular place in Bangkok for a sole purpose and that is to party. It's crazy because you could see people in different nationalities, young and old alike... holding a beer on one hand and a cigarette on the other. I wonder if these people in the masculine side uses male enhancement product to satisfy themselves.
How I wish these people would finally view life in a better and safer perspective and enjoy life to the fullest.. in a not this way thing y. Looking at those folks made me sad because I know that they worked hard to get money and then they'll just it it all away or throw it on things that don't brig them long term satisfaction but instead worst disease.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Looking for a mattress on sale.

In two years time hubby and I are expecting to make our last house move because we are hoping we'll be able to move to our new permanent house, and even now... though its still early for furniture shopping we are already looking for stuff that we are going to put in our new house.
Its funny how hubby and I would go around from one furniture store to another in search of sofa, tables and chairs for our new home. We are actually watching out for a mattress sale because we are thinking of buying one to put in the guest room so that when friends or family stays for the night we don't have to worry for them because we have a place for them to stay.
Hubby and I are excited for new beginnings again, though we know that change is scary, but we put our hope and trust in the Lord and we know that He has something best in store for us :).

Saturday, December 4, 2010

new computer for hubby...

Hubby is dreaming of a new desktop computer. He said that when things are good with us financially, we will buy a new computer for him. It's hard when he needs to use our laptop while I use it because we often argue on who is the rightful person to use it.
How I wish we have a lot of money to buy 1U lcd so that hubby and I won't fight over our laptop anymore. That anytime he wants to use it.. he can because I have mine.
But anyways... we are not pushing ourselves to the limit just to have another computer because we really can wait and besides we only fought when we are both tired and stressed.

Blow your snow!..

I would never know about snowblower until we went to Canada. It was funny because hubby and I was hoping that we'll able to... not only see but to touch snow as well. When we told our friends about our desire... they explain to us how half of the people love snow and half of them hate it. They love it because they were thinking of the fun the snow could bring, others doesn't like it because of the hassle it brings to them too.
Someone told us that it cost them so much when there's snow because they need to pay people to help them clear out snow in their yards and they need to spend more on electricity because they need to use ariens snowblower to melts those snow away.
I still wonder though what it feels to be living in a snowy place and having a white Christmas.

Monday, November 29, 2010

the goodness of flaxseed

I never knew about flaxseed until I went to Canada and visited this store that has good stuff in it. As we stroll around the grocery we found a lot of mixed seed plus dried fruit in a bag. then our friend told us that that mixed seed are really good and very healthy.
Then when we looked what inside the bag.. we found out a lot of different seeds, there's pumpkin,flax,sunflower, watermelon, theres also peanuts and almond and other dried fruits.

I also then found out the goodness flaxseed oil benefits. I keep on looking in our groceries here I can find flaxseed and the other mixed nuts but I can't find any. I'm sad coz I really like it for snacks.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

midnight coffee bash

Last night, our friends came to dropped by and they also bought red cup from starbucks. Though I'm already in bed, when I heard that theres a coffee downstairs, can't help myself but get up and went down to join with the group and it was almost midnight.
Huh! in doing such things made me almost awake the whole time. Sleeps visits me at four in the morning i think!. A not good feeling. I woke up this morning around past nine and I don't usually woke up that late.

I am afraid that when situation like this continues for several days, I would get dark circles around my eyes and that i not a good sight. And if does thing happen this way I will visit this site www.removedarkcirclesundereyes.net and see what they have for me. It amazes me that because of our high technology people find solution to almost all concerns that we have but still though the hard work is with man, it is the Lord still who gives mercy and grace and salvation.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Almost a month

After our trips I found out that my eating habit is not right. I found out that I'm often hungry and I crave more rice than before. I was contented to one cup of rice before and even gave half or one fourth of it to hubby, but this time that's not happening anymore since instead of lessening my intake I ordered more.

So instead of getting slimmer I'm getting the other way, which is sad to think. Each time I put on my clothes I wished I'm slimmer. I'm wondering if conjugated linoleic acid can do something about this dilemma of mine. I know there's a lot of slimming pills out there but I am afraid to try because I am not ready to face the side effects specially now that we are trying to get me preggy.

Seriously I am not thinking of taking slimming pills just don't know when!

Annoying Acne

Most people doesn't like to have some flaws specially on the face part. I've known people who are good looking when they were still young but when adolescence hit pimples and other unsightly happens to them that lessen their good looks.
I've known a friend whose problem is his face because it has lot of acne, he asked me many times on how to get rid of acne which I do not know myself because I don't get one. I have small pimples but never get the big one which I really thank God I don't.
Some friends told though that its because of stress, pollution, not enough sleep, food to ate, blood that causes acne.
Probably the best thing we can do about acne is consult first a dermatologist, follow the their advice and take a rest for a while. :)
Happy no acne day!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

How to pass through Thailand-Cambodia Border

When we went to Siem Reap Cambodia for a Mission Trip.

Some simple steps that will help you get through the borders.

There's a shuttle bus from the airport to the bus station. The shuttle bus is free and it starts to run at 430 in the morning.
When you get to the bus terminal you get your bus ticket at the ticket booth not on those people who tries to sell tickets.
It's 174 Batt to get to the Poi Pet (Cambodia) border.
In the border you need to make your passport ready with the departure card that you get from the airport. You will also be asked to fill-up the embarkation form. Make sure you have this three documents in your hand before going in front of the immigration officer.
After you go through all this means your done inside but not really done done because you still need to fill-up the health information form that you need to submit with officers.
Then you are finally done.

When you are inside Cambodia already be careful on buying bus ticket. When you need to ask for assistance make sure you ask from people inside the immigration office.

The process is the same when you are entering Thailand-leaving Cambodia.

This may be not that accurate at least you have a hint of what to do because this is what I have done as long as I've remembered.

Woman love boots!

When we were in Canada last months we were thrilled to see woman (older and younger) wears boots all the time. When we went to the mall, park, church and even at the grocery store. Like sixty percents of women wear boots. Probably it because of the cold weather or just plain fashion, I do't know.
Well I myself would like to wear or have one actually because it look good on women or women looks good on womens boots. But i just can't wear it here in the Phils. or where I work because.. first it's hot and second people around me just wear rugged pants and t-shirt and running shoes.
Or probably I don't wear it because its not just me, I'm not that type of person and I'm not comfortable wearing but really love watching at those whose good on having it!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Home Theater is a man thing

When we were in Hamilton we met a Filipinos community and we even attended their church. One of them became a really good friends of ours. He would often come to our host house to look for us and even brought us to the mall. Then one night he insisted that we should go to his house for dinner and we did. At his house, he should us a lot of his favorite gadgets and other stuff but what he really bragged about was his home theater system that he set-up in the basement. He really liked his home theater system and he even offered to us to set it up for us when we have one. We'll house I wish we indeed would have one but as for now that would be the least in our list of priorities.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Pen my friend!

My friend Pen is a very busy person. She is still single, finishes two bachelor degree and now is UP taking up Community Development. She is happy and contented with here life. Her motto I think is "rest means doing something while resting". You will never find her idle... her physical booster is work. I feel tired listening to her need to do list.
People like my friend needs some physical loving like Blue Advantage. I just remember her telling me that her parents bought a health plan for her so that some day when she got old and no honey she won't worry about her not taking care of herself because they already paid it for her. What an amazing parents!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Medical Mission in Siem Reap

We were so busy when we were in Siem Reap Cambodia for our ten 1 week mission trip,
but what bugs me is... how come I never loss any weight at all. I was very busy then and
I don't eat that much too since I don't the know any of those and it taste weird to me. So I think I need thermogenic fat burners to loose some weight.
Anyways, here are some proof of what we do during our mission trip. It was great and fun too! It's good to know that though Philippines is struggling so much about its economy but Cambodia is way more of that struggle than we do.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Have you heard about apidexin?

Arrived home safe and sound from a eating session at my boss' house. It was fun to see and fellowship with friends and long time no see friends that we met there. We had a lot of fun talking and laughing and doing other crazy things with each other.
I have eaten a lot tonight and drinks a lot of pop too. Just thinking that if this happen every week I think I need to buy some weight loss product and does apidexin work? I've read positive comments about this and thought that it might worth a try. Who knows this would work for me.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Everybody's place

When we visited our friends parents place, we were so amazed by the big houses that they've got and they have also this not very noisy thing in the basement called basement moisture dehumidifier. We could not figure out what it is until my friend came to explain us what it does to the dampness in the basement.

It is really neat to know that every country or place has something... to help people make life easy or at least comfortable in a way. Just like here in the Philippines, since its hot we don't need hot water or heater unlike in the cold countries... what we need here is electric fans and air-conditioning.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

During our trip

When we were in Ontario our friend's dad invited us to watch a live hockey game (I see live.. because we only watched it on tv and never watched live). Hubby and are were excited of course.. though we really don't know what to expect and what team should we cheer on. It was indeed a fun night.
Though we learned a lot of Canadian games but we never went to see any but hockey, we didn't even have the chance to see any soccer game. I wonder if when you are really a good soccer player, if your coach will allow you to use a personalized soccer balls during a play.. because if it does.. that would be cool... eh?!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Medical Mission in Siem Reap

Our Siem Reap, Cambodia mission trip is over, and one thing that we do there was a medical mission to two village. Excitement, fun and pressure was all over us while we did the thing. It was Exciting; because this was our first time to conduct a medical mission outside the Philippines. Fun; because we meet new people and we develop new friends. Pressure; because we don't know their language and it was hard to communicate with them, we need an interpreter to explains things specially on how the would take the medicine we give.
We did dental, blood pressure and a lot of other things that I forgot whats its called since I'm not a medical person but only an assistant to the dental doctors :). We don't have any bovie equipment with us. I just wish we do because if we did... I know we could help more.

It was an interesting trip. All of us learned something and we did have fun while serving the Khmer people.

X-mas vacay

Just an hour ago hubby and I were discussing about things this Christmas. He and the band where he is playing as a lead guitar was invited to perform in a five star hotel in Siem Reap, Cambodia on December twenty-fourth and twenty-fifth.
As for me, I might not go with them anymore because money wise... we are short of budget and knowing its Christmas... here or not (means me here or not here) we still need to give gifts and the most expensive one is the gifts for families because they want cash than stuff (sigh). So... if things don't change... I might be alone this Christmas or maybe not. Who knows I might be partying with friends here while hubby is away. :)
...0r I might be somewhere in one of Branson vacations gateaways (well this is a fantasy anymore, very far from reality. hehehehe). Well, no one really knows what God will do, since all I know this time is... I don't want to go anywhere else but home and bed and sleep!

Friday, October 29, 2010

Shoes for Hubby

Hubby is indeed in need of a new shoes because the one he's using now is old and worn out. The thing about him buying a shoes is quite a struggle for both of us because he is not only picky... he is also very thrifty.
I am thinking that this Christmas I would like to buy him a new ecco shoes, but my concern is that he might take it back to the store where I bought and compare with to the others if he won't be there when I buy it, and the other thing is when he is around too... he might not go for a shoes and pick-up something else. Whew!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Inside the plane (eva airways)

So yes!... hubby and i took picture of anything that we though
worthy of it. This is actually when we heading for Taipei
for a four hour lay over before a sixteen hour flight for Toronto.

Hubby and I

As hubby and I were in queue to get our boarding pass
from EVA airlines staff for our Canada trip, we seize this
moment and took pictures of ourselves :D.
naia airport Phils.
while we waited for our flight departure

Heading for Cambodia tonight

Our team is quite busy in packing things up for the trip tonight. Everyone is busy weighing their luggage but as for me and hubby we just packed last night and we are almost done actually. I worried actually because we are just taking a carry on bag and no check in luggage, but our bag is quite full already and has a lot of stuff to bring still. I am worried that we might exceed with the limit kilos allowed to carry and pay more. sigh! I wish I had agreed to get a check in luggage instead.... my bad!
I am praying that we'll be good specially that I still had hard cough, and hoping to bless people in spite of what I feeling and going through.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Beauty rest

Every once in a while... we ladies need for a beauty rest. Means that during our holiday... we should not only go here and there but also take time to get a good long sleep. What I mean when I say a good long sleep is we don't worry about anything when we wake up. Let the hubby worries about it. Anyways I don't think they need a beauty rest.
This is just my own idea of beauty resting is: shower early, apply best night cream on face and neck then say good night to everyone and even to your hubby, pray then dream of beauty.
Sure real when the morning comes... you are the most beautiful and happy woman.

need to diet..

After a month of holiday in North America a diet is a must to do thing. Though we did not eat rice often when we were there but we ate more of the good food Canada could offer. Our life there was like here and there; we're went here and eat, then we went there and we eat more and these thing happens the whole time we were in Canada. Everywhere we went we ate.
So now I'm on look for a effective diet pills who could help me with my diet worries. I don't know if I'll get the body I had ten years ago. hahahaha! To think that on Saturday we are off again to another country and it means a new variety of food to taste.
I don't know if I would say: hello fitness or welcome fatness!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Saskatoon Blues

A week ago hubby and I were in Saskatoon to visit friends and to attend a wedding too. During this trip... we were really hoping to see snow there since friends told us that it is cooler there than in Ontario. But to out surprise it was bright and sunny and even warmer.
The couple who host us would check the web directory for weather websites just to know what was the weather condition in where we are during that time or probably hoping that the snow would come for our sake too. But it never happen, no snow still.
Now hubby and I are here in Taipei airport waiting for our flight back to the Philippines and wondering if it is now snows at some places in Canada that we visited.
If it does... well it just waited for us to leave, anyways, we trust that the Lord knows whats better for us.

Niagara falls Visit

On our last day in Ontario, Canada, my friend Liss and her dad Leon brought me and hubby to Niagara falls a must see place in Canada when you go there. I was amazed indeed by its beauty and no wonder it is one of the seven wonders of the world.
Hubby and I were so happy to see it and we even see USA in the other part of Niagara. If we only had US visa our friend might have brought us in the US too.
Considering that it is a tourist place i am not shocked at all when everything in the area are expensive. Our friends brought to this restaurant called "Element" and oh my... when I open the menu book and saw the prices of the food my hunger almost stop. It was expensive, I will never go there to eat even I have a lot of money. hehehe (my thriftiness side).
My friend dad gave us some amount for souvenir shopping. well, if its only me... I won't buy anything, but my friend bugged me and said; I have no excuse of not buying anything because her dad gave us money to buy stuff we like.
So, there was nothing I can do but bought a t-shirt for hubby at hardrock cafe' section even though my mind just don't agree of buying there. :)
On the other hand though.. I am also glad that we did bought something as a remembrance from our visit there.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Know what?

...we really need to do some running or an hour walking because this trip of hours just put so much pound on us. We did a lot of walking though specially when we did the trip to Banff. We hikes mountains just to see lakes and falls.
After the hikes though we also visited some good restaurants and ate our hearts out reasons that we need fat burning supplements to help us slim even a bit.
I am hoping though that our trip to Cambodia will loosen us a bit maybe not with hubby(because he doesn't need any loosen up) but me.
Wish me better things! ;)

Something to try

Hubby once told me that he wanted to go to a gym so that he'll gain weight, but I just smiled to him as an answer. I don't want to be mean but I don't think it would really happen knowing his schedule. He doesn't even wan't to walk with me in the morning.
There were time though that when we happen to see a workout equipment(?) he would always tell me that someday he will buy one for me. How I wish though that.. that day would come :).
We'll he can try Abtronic x2 actually and see if this will work with him. With this he doesn't have to go to the gym anymore because he can do this at our house.

Banff pictures

When we were in Bnaff (Alberta, Canada), Dennis and Karen took us to tourist places in there. So these pictures is when we were at Gondola park. (Gondola-is a cable that will bring you to up to the mountain where you can see almost all of Banff. A very beautiful place.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Ipod in Mind

My friend has a beautiful ipod and looking at it just made me think of buying one for myself again. I reminded hubby again actually about it, but he only smiled and said wait. I've even day dreaming of what music I would put or where should I use it or would I lend it to friends (selfish little me). Sigh... ipods really just got my heart. If we really got money I would ask hubby ipod for a Christmas present.
I want one where I can watch a video too. It would be nice to have one specially when we are travelling far just like our trip today.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Getting Older

A lot of people realized that they are getting older when they reached the age of thirty, it is this time that they feel a lot of other hormonal issues specially when it comes to aging. A lot of people too has problems with health during this time too. I also found out that a persons growth stops when he or she reaches this age.
As for me, I don't really care about aging that much, unless I will come to face the reality that I am indeed in my mid of life and my hubby is still in his young teeny one. But I'm pretty sure too that i am not the only one struggling with this aging situation.
Some people would even try hgh to help them from aging. I just hope and pray that hubby won't be pasaway so much so that I'll be smiling the whole time not frowning.

Ptarmigan Inn

This is a place in Banff Park, Alberta CA. which we stayed for three nights. A very good place. The room was quite big for two people and it has two family size bed. It was very cozy. Hubby and I liked it so much.
Like any other hotels or Inn, they also provide a free good coffee and tea. Their soap are definitely Banff made means they made their own.
What fascinates me the most is their Polaris ATV or whatever it called. It's big and has flat screen.
Hubby and i enjoyed watching after our hot spring swimming.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Elmira again :)

We've been almost around Ontario these days. Our friends been touring us around. I just ca't tell the places or the name of those places we've been.
This trip has been the most interesting trip I ever had. Everything is new and different. I do have some struggles when it comes to the people I am with but good thing is my other friends has been supportive to us or to me specially.
I offended someone because I told her to back-off.
I just can't help it when other people seems overpowering you... and you don't like it because you are not subject to them in anyway but they just felt they ow you or anything. hehehhe.
Or... probably.. i's hard for a younger person to mingle for a long time with an older one. or its just me. I ma just probably hard to be with. sigh. I never actually thought i was until this trip happen.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Would like to have

I almost giving up my new Filipino made cellphone, I am thinking of giving it to hubby since his is old and dying already. But, i am asking of a new one, a new cell phone with a wifi on it so that I can checks my e-mails and can do facebook anywhere as long as there is connection.
Hubby told me to wait until Christmas because he is thinking about it. I even joked and said if he could give me an iphone a thing that make his eyes go big :). Well if hubby would give me one I would be very happy and would ask him to buy me some iphone 4 accessories to put on to make it look more beautiful.
But all this thing is all a wish or maybe it will come true to... who knows!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Where I live

I remember four years ago when hubby and his team which I am now in too went to Boracay ( a famous white sand beach) for a local mission trip. With them was a bunch of Canadian youth too. While they were there they saw a lot of foreigners in that place and what shocked them the most was seeing a lot of younger girls holding hands with oldies. I'm just wondering though how older guys love to hang out with young women, and how they handle youthfulness. So my wondering mind thought that maybe they use some herbal male enhancement to retain their youthful looking image.
But buggles my mind is how come younger girls love to hang around older guys too. :)

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Arrived in Elmira at about twelve in the morning friday. It was freezing cold outside for me but very refreshing too. Part of me would like t just stand outside and savor all the coldness but the fact is I just can't since it was to cold for my body.
It was same thing in the morning too. still cold and freezing. But alas! the view was all amazing. It feels like we were in a real farmville with all the silos, horses, fields, trees, old mail boxes and huge fields.
Incomparable indeed! very beautiful and quiet! there was only few people I saw in the street, and most specially no traffic.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Is in Canada

Is in Canada today. Actually since last Thursday, we arrived at eight forty five in the evening. While we were on the plane still preparing to go out we could feel the coldness from outside already. And indeed we were freezing cold went we finally was out of the airport. Very different from were we live where we sweat twenty four seven.
But it was fun and refreshing to feel the coldness of Ontario, and soon we are going colder because we are going to Saskatoon!
But I am confident in the Lord that it will be gonna be fun and more of Him!
Praise be to Jesus!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Child safety carrier

My couple friends who lived in the States has two kids, one is two years old and the other just a year. When the second child was born we found out that they bought a new bigger car because they have a new baby coming. They also bought a child safety carrier thing. They were required to get one when they have a new baby. So when the baby and his mommy went home from the hospital he had a new carrier.
It's made me compare here in where we live because we don't have things like that. When you get out from the hospital you just get your baby and carry her in your arms and bring her/him home.

More Accidents

Last night we drove to my friends house an hour and twenty minutes from the airport. It was a long drive too since there was no traffic. Along the way we saw an accident and our friends mother told us to count the accidents that we should see and compare with the accidents in the Philippines.
These people indeed needs Texas truck accident lawyer specially if they drive crazy. They drive very fast reasons why they need some lawyers to help them settle things like this.
I just hope my friends who live here don't get any accidents even if they have good lawyers. A good lawyer won't save a life at stake even if they are the best one.

Time is Change

We arrived her at Toronto last night at eight forty five in the evening and since we left Manila we haven't had a good long night sleep at all. It seem that everything is just a nap.
We went to bed at two thirty this morning and woke up at six o'clock in the morning and still up until now trying to fight jet lag. But hubby is taking his nap at the moment. He was not able to make it till tonight.
Tomorrow is the big day, it's my friend wedding and I am just hoping I won't get any dark circles in my eyes because it would ruin my day.
I'm hoping things would be good!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Awkward Talk

Hubby and I are good friends I mean we should be the best of friends. We can talk just about anything and I don't hide my thoughts with him too.
There were times that I would asked him question s that is exclusively male talk only, and I would asked him if they talked about it as male friends. I wonder though if they talked about taking some herbal male enhancement for anything.
Hubby is not shy of telling me of what he knew. He just trust me not to tell people about things that we have discuss as couple. I just love my husband!

Not one notice it yet

Most of middle age woman dilemma's are their eye wrinkle, and when eye wrinkle attacks a woman, there is no way that you ca deny the fact that your aging.
So mostly... you can find them lining up in the beauty products section of a department store looking for the eye wrinkle treatment ever.
There was this one time that I was looking for that kind of products myself. And Alas! there were loads of products I saw in there and mostly expensive that hubby just told not now mahal. But I really would like to try though and see the effects on me.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Need to Trim Up!

I laugh at hubby's rambling sometimes because he wanted to go a gym so that his muscles will go big. hahaha!
Hubby is not a big person. People were actually telling him to eat more or get my food and eat it so that I won't get bigger or he'll gain weight instead of me. Well, what people don't know is hubby is an eater. He ca eat a whole large pizza and still want more or could eat a mountainful plate of pasta. But he just don't gain weight at all, I don't know where those foods went.
There were times that our whole house in in diet bu not hubby. So after I suffer a day of food trimming I go back again since hubby is not doing it. It's hard when he eats all the good food and i don't.
As other men needs some fat burners for men hubby just don't. I am jealous and so do other guys I know. Our Canadian friends were complaining about our rice... they said it made them fat. Well if it makes them fat to came just few months ago, how much more it did to me who were here since birth! :D

Acne Treatment

Some people are just vain specially about their looks. I knew some friends who are like that.
I remember talking to a friend about how vain her friend was, and as I was to say something, she said I know I am vain too (this made me laugh :D).
Well, as for me I am not like that or I'd rather say I just don't care how I look until someone would say something then there I would consider things.
I knew a friend to too who has a lot of big pimple on their face. They've been into a lot of treatment but only later that they found acne treatments that works. They acne indeed was gone but the marks are still there.
Its funny how his acne's humbled him though. There were times when he was not proud of himself anymore since he has a lot marks on his face.

Oily Face

I did laundry today and I sweat a lot while doing it. Then came my sister that even she did not say anything I know what's on her mind, and funny thing about it was she asked to have a picture with me that I disagree to do since I look terrible and I felt sick too after I've done my laundry.
There were times that my pimples would go big because of my oily skin and it bugs me. So the other day when hubby and I went to the grocery store I was stuck in the facial thing area looking for best acne treatments or some beauty products that would smoothen my skin.
I found something that I would like to try and hoping to see good results.

It saddened me though that I did not have picture with my sister. But what could I do... I don't want to look terrible in that picture which I know would go on facebook. What sad is... she made the effort and I did not, it made me feel guilty thinking about it now. :(

Unique kids name tags

Hubby and I been through a lot of kids ministries. The smallest group we had as I have remembered is no more less than fifteen kids.
Working with kids is no easy work, if you don't have the passion for these little children you ought to be in this kind ministry.
During our first day of ministry we required a name tags because it's easier to know the kid's name for no matter how many times you asked them their name, chances are you will forget since there are loads of them.
Working with kids is a bittersweet feeling. Bitter because they are loud and messy. Sweet because they are sweet and enjoys your company more than anyone else. :)

where did my excitement go...?

A month ago I was super excited for our trip to Canada, and we finish our work assignment the soonest possible so that when we have no backlog while we are away.
We are leaving in two days now and it seems that my excitement has left me. I am not excited anymore but kind of afraid. I don't know what to expect when we get there.
I am not even sure now if our friends would still be glad to see us.
All I have right now is my faith in Jesus. I know that He will never leave me nor forsake me. I know that the Lord is with me whatever situation we may be.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Damage Car

Our friend came to our house last night. They stayed here a bit longer that when they went home its already fast four in the morning. It was crazy how girls talked and talked specially when they just see each other once. It was a fun evening though. I enjoyed having them around.
One thing I noticed when I walked them outside our house to where her car was parked, the car has a big damage upon its drivers door. I was later told that she was hit by a car one heavy downpour night, and she did not bother to go out and check since she was afraid its a modus operandi thing and when she will got out people will seize her, get her car and do something stupid with her.
This is one thing where we would be thankful with auto insurance companies because all you need to do is report what happen and they will do the rest.

Club Manila East

Hubby wishing at Club Manila East.
It was a fun crazy time.
But our trip back was not fun, being tucked in a long traffic for four hours was not fun at all.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Need a hot bath...!

We helped a friend from the US booked a in a hotel just around where we live. So after we picked her up at the airport we dropped her at the hotel. So it gave us the opportunity to see her room. It was a not big room but spacious enough for her since she was alone. It made me see the bathroom too and aha! there was a big bath tub that made me wish I am stayed there too so that I could enjoy a hot bath!
I just wish now that there's a jacuzzi tubs in our house so that when times that our body aches from busyness it would be easy for us to just sit in the jacuzzi tubs and relax.

Are you sick?

When I was doing my ec dropped a month ago when I came across this post about a decease called mesothelioma. It got my interest and read the whole post and even search for more topic and thus my own research. I found that this is not an overnight acquired sickness but instead a long before you will know.
I was scared at the moment and have thought of what have I done in the past that will make me a victim of this. So far I can't think of anything or I'm just paranoid sometimes that somethings made think that might be a cause.
Some people have come up with a mesothelioma diagnosis though, to make other people who has this deceases to at least know that there is still hope in their life. If the cannot help us, there is still one that is able to help us and that is Jesus. All we need to do is pray!

This is it!

Finally, today we got our e-ticket from the ticket agency where purchased it it. This is final... everything we need when it comes to the flight is all good. What is lacking with us is my dress for the wedding and some present for some friends.
We already bought our weddings gifts yesterday at "Kultura" all Philippine made store. We went there because there is no place we can thing of going for a gift. Also two night ago hubby and I went to our office to look for some luggage and yes we got one.
Our schedule would be very hectic when we get there. No time for wandering alone. But anyways.. what matter most now is..... we are finally going there.
God is good!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Ticket is not purchase yet!

Ooh no! Its the 6th of September already and our plane ticket is not purchase yet but it is reserved though. Yet reserving is not enough we need the ticket the soonest possible.
Money thing is very complicated... it is a very hot issue as always.
But as for today God has answered our prayers. We have the money for ticket already, all that we need to do is prepare for ourselves in what will gonna happen ahead.
Whatever it is.. I am confident enough to face it knowing I have JESUS in my side!
God bless. Happy day to all!

Friday, September 3, 2010

Whole Body Massage

These past few weeks are really a crazy week for me. Been all over Manila because a friend is here with us from the US visiting the Manila. We kind of tour her around. Just yesterday, we brought her to Fort Santiago to see the old Manila place and some showed her some cathedrals too which she truly love. After that we brought her Manila zoo for she wanted to see some Philippines animals. It was fun! She even have pictures with the animals in the kids area. Loved those animals too specially the birds and the monkey. We ended the trip with a refreshing snacks at McDonald.
And today we woke early because we have a "jog for a cause" our fundraising for our Cambodia Mission trip. And later today we are bringing our friend to Mall of Asia for dinner.
Well... based on my post today, you could notice how hectic our schedule was and is. We definitely need some body love. We really wished to be in a body sap place and lying on a massage tables. ooh I could even imagine it as I am writing this.
Hopefully next week we can find time to relax and have a body massage. Really need it badly.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Successful team retreat!

We just got back from a team and partners in the ministry retreat at some resort in Laguna. We arrived there at night with a plan that we will have a swimming fellowship together. But instead of fellowshipping we indeed up sleeping. Everyone was tired, i mean all the girls were tired only the younger boys were enjoying their time singing and swimming. As for me I swam in the bed and did my real swimming the the afternoon when all my responsibility was all done. Well, I was assigned the main lady in the kitchen. I was not able to eat my breakfast and lunch properly because I though I'm full until when all the food is gone and we are coming back home that I really begged for food and yes my team leader indeed listen to my flee and we had a dinner stop over along the way.
I really had a great day!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Waiting is the hardest thing to do in life. Here.. is where the Lord keep on helping me to learn the hard way of waiting. Sometimes though I have the patience to wait, but most of the time I fail because my patience has limitations.
Emotion is mixed when situation like this happens to me. I got nervous, angry, frustrated and had sleepless night sometimes. Crazy me.
I just thank God that in my waiting time He is there to help me get through with it. He always use the Bible and some other reading materials to remind me the virtue of waiting and warn me not to sin while waiting.
PTL indeed!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

meeting for cambodia

Every other Sunday starting last last Sunday at 4pm is our team meeting for Cambodia. Whenever the time that we have to report our fund raising support I could see the pressure in the team.
i could see those almost to give up faces, that only the Word that they receive from reading the Bible encourages them to continue. If only money does not make the world round but it is a fact that we need it for this trip. Part of me would like to give my funds (if ever I would have) to them. If only ate Anne will allow me to stay and let the youth go instead of me... I would happily do that. But I know that she won't allow that since my role is quite vital.
I just pray that everyone from the team will not lose heart but pursue and take courage for that Lord is good and able to meet our needs.

There it goes.....!

We sent our application documents to Canadian Embassy, Manila, it was picked up by air21 courier. Hubby and I are both excited and nervous for the results because no one knows really except the consul that reviews our documents :).
God controls everything reasons why we put our trust and faith in Him. Whatever the results will be... we know that God has a reason why He allow things to happen.
Praise God for all that He did is awesome.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Club Manila East

Two weeks ago my team and the sbc team went to club manila east for a swimming fellowship. This happens because we wanted to treat the sbc team some coldness after days of sweating in the ministry. They had fun indeed as well as us.
Club Manila East is located at: Taytay Rizal another one in Real Quezon and Boracay.
But when we came back from CME we were stranded in a huge traffic, we left at 4pm and arrived home at 12mn. whew! the supposed two hours drive became seven to eight hours.

Intramurous Manila, Philippines

We always went to this place. I mean I think we've been here close to twenty times already.
Here are some picture, actually this is not the latest picture though but still I would like to post this anyway.

Please read

Greetings of Peace in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ!

It is with gladness and great excitement that we write to you. We thank the Lord for this wonderful opportunity to share with you what God is doing in our ministry.

In the past nine years International Teams-Youth Mobilization holds local and foreign mission trips, we have been training and mobilizing youth leaders for the work of community service. In partnership with other organization and churches, we bring youth leaders to local and foreign community project trips.

It is our greatest passion to train and develop more youth leaders to community service projects and expose them in the field with the hope that they will become the next generation of leaders who will help transform communities, and so doing, becoming a blessing not only to our own people but to other nations as well.

This coming October 24 to Nov 2, we will be serving in Cambodia for medical, dental mission and community related projects. We will also conduct a hygiene seminar for the community. To make these community projects possible we are in need of your assistance. We want to invite you to be part of giving, as we are asking your company for some assistance. We would like to challenge you to become a part of this event to extend whatever assistance & help you can sincerely give, for the benefit of the community whom we desired to extend our love with. Your kindest heart would be greatly appreciated.

We will surely appreciate whatever help you will extend to us. Together let us make an impact and make a difference in this simple way. May the Lord Bless you and Keep you always.

For further inquiry and information on how your company can help, please do email me at youthmobtouchtrips@yahoo.com or call us at our office no. Telefax: 02 844 04 05.

Sincerely in Christ, Noted:

Richyll Honey Torredes Eric T. Benavidez

Touch Trips Coordinator Team Leader/ Youth Mobilization

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

places hard to forget!

This is my friend Michelle. She is a midwife from Luton, England and she came here to do missions. She helped us by giving semi- medical consultation with the pregnant woman at the slum area. What she experienced really broke her heart and changed her views about life forever.

This is the other side of the Philippines. Though we have a lot of massive and beautiful malls and has condos and rich villages. There are also those who can't barely afford a shelter just like this woman whose house is made of rugs.
God bless the Philippines!

Monday, August 9, 2010

soon will be posting about Intramurous

Been real busy these past few weeks and still busy up to now. But hopefully soon I can find time for my blogging responsibility.
Intramurous means walled city. And here's also our Rizal Museum.
Can't do it now. Need to go and do something work related :)

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Ocean Park- Manila

We went to the ocean park of manila yesterday. It was fun and very interesting to see a lot of different fish. It would be brilliant to bring kids here because ocean park would not amuse them but also would give them knowledge about creatures of the deep.
Manila ocean park is located at Quirino St., Manila and is besides Manila Hotel. We were 17 and they give discounts instead of paying php400, we only payed php350. We also have known that if there are more than 20 persons in group, they can avail discounts if they would give a letter one week prior to the visit. They would give hp250 for the kids and php320 for the adults including 1 free ticket, i think this is really a great deal for ministry leaders that are planning for a Manila ocean park tour.
here some pixs:

Monday, July 26, 2010

Ilocos visit II

This picture was taken during our time in Ilocos part two -windmill visit.
We have indeed so much fun specially with friends around
This is a must see place indeed for those who's thinking of visiting Ilocos.

Bangui, windmill, Ilocos Norte

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Canada... ooh Elmira

My friend sent a message for me on facebook asking for our duration of stay during our visit for her wedding. They are making an invitation that hopefully will make the Canadian consul grant us a visa.
They are asking us to stay until Waterloo "ride for refugees" day so that we could still attend this event. Actually I'm keeping my faith alive in this but still crossing my finger to keep me from deep hurt (huhuhu!) if thing won't work as we expected.
Still thankful to HIM who makes things beautiful in His time :)

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Luton, England 2006

Hubby went to Luton, England for four months on 2006. It was an ultimate trip for him. He was part of a program in our team called EPIC. It's an exchange program where some of our youth leaders from our church could experience mission in Luton and vise versa they could also send their youths here for mission trip. Hubby was blessed to be chosen as a participant.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Sometime in Bataan

Few years ago we lead a team to this place somewhere in Bataan.
We really like this house and so we take a picture it.
Hoping someday we'll be able to go back.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Puerto Galera (June 2009)

Last year my team went to White Beach-Puerto Galera Philippines to hold our annual team retreat. We stayed at certain hotel (sorry I forgot the name) anyway there are lots of hotels and transient rooms and houses there, very cheap but good accommodation.
To go to Puerto Galera:
Take a bus (jac liner, Jam..ect.) from Buendia LRT bus stations to Batangas Pier -this will cost you approximately Php 200. Then from Pier take a boat going to white beach - this will cost you Php450 two way and including all the other fees (a tourist will pay environmental and port fees).
Note: you need to tell the boatman that's stationed at the beach regarding the time you want to leave because the boat might leave without you.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Cambodia in mind!

Last Saturday, my team plus hubby and I had a meeting. Of course we discuss all the plans we had for the Cambodia touch trip on October 24 until November 2. I am both excited and worried at the same time. Excited because I will be able to visit my this historic place. I am also worried that hubby and I might not be able to raise the fund needed for our trip.
Way back nine years ago I long to visit Cambodia and serve Him there, but it did not happen until this year when the opportunity open up for us to visit.
I'm giving it up all to Him!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Monday, June 28, 2010

Somewhere... sometime... in Ilocos

Way back 2007, hubby and I with friends went to Ilocos for a holiday. We visited this beach near the house we rented. We did not go for a swim though but it was an awesome sight specially early in the morning.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Elmira, Canada in Mind!

My friend Liss is getting married in September. A week ago she already asked for our passport details for invitation purposes. As for me... I've been denied twice by Canadian consul due to lack of financial support, so hubby and I been thinking if this will happen again to us this time since its the same old story.. we don't have millions(with exaggeration of course) of money in the bank which the embassy is asking from us as a proof that we'll be coming back. I can't blame them cause I know that they are just doing their job. But... we are really sincere that we definitely are coming back since there is nothing for us in there and our work/ministry is here in the Phils. sigh!
I'm leaving all this up to the Lord!
God bless everyone!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Fun in Greenbelt

During our team devotion this morning I was being led to share about how important friends is to me than earthly treasures. For to me friends are more than any wealth I have on this earth. I thank God for all of them.

hubby with friends @ Bizu
me with friends
ate Raqs and I
Dinner @ CYMA
starbucks addicts :)

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Great time at Mall of Asia

Last week hubby and I went to MOA.
We indeed have a great time together.
Before eating dinner we went to see "Prince of Persia" movie.
the globe
Racks resto (we ate dinner here)
the icekating