Thursday, June 3, 2010

Trips 2010

Early this year hubby and I went to Malaysia for a two weeks mission trip. Though the trip was a financial struggle but still we made it.
In September my close friend who is a Canadian by birth and now lives in Elmira near Toronto is getting married on the 18th, so hubby and I were invited to this wedding (I just don't know if God will grant this trip coz not only this is very expensive.. its also hard to get a visa).
Then, on October hubby and I has a two weeks mission trip to Cambodia with some youth since this is the nature of our work.. equipping the youth and giving them opportunity to experience cross cultural mission.
And lastly, on December-hubby and I thought of going somewhere (probably Bangkok, Thailand) with some friends (but I would like this trip to be purely holiday!)
...we may have plans but the Lord's will be done still! (cause without HIM we are nothing!)

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