Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Acne Treatment

Some people are just vain specially about their looks. I knew some friends who are like that.
I remember talking to a friend about how vain her friend was, and as I was to say something, she said I know I am vain too (this made me laugh :D).
Well, as for me I am not like that or I'd rather say I just don't care how I look until someone would say something then there I would consider things.
I knew a friend to too who has a lot of big pimple on their face. They've been into a lot of treatment but only later that they found acne treatments that works. They acne indeed was gone but the marks are still there.
Its funny how his acne's humbled him though. There were times when he was not proud of himself anymore since he has a lot marks on his face.

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