Thursday, September 9, 2010

Are you sick?

When I was doing my ec dropped a month ago when I came across this post about a decease called mesothelioma. It got my interest and read the whole post and even search for more topic and thus my own research. I found that this is not an overnight acquired sickness but instead a long before you will know.
I was scared at the moment and have thought of what have I done in the past that will make me a victim of this. So far I can't think of anything or I'm just paranoid sometimes that somethings made think that might be a cause.
Some people have come up with a mesothelioma diagnosis though, to make other people who has this deceases to at least know that there is still hope in their life. If the cannot help us, there is still one that is able to help us and that is Jesus. All we need to do is pray!

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