Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Need to Trim Up!

I laugh at hubby's rambling sometimes because he wanted to go a gym so that his muscles will go big. hahaha!
Hubby is not a big person. People were actually telling him to eat more or get my food and eat it so that I won't get bigger or he'll gain weight instead of me. Well, what people don't know is hubby is an eater. He ca eat a whole large pizza and still want more or could eat a mountainful plate of pasta. But he just don't gain weight at all, I don't know where those foods went.
There were times that our whole house in in diet bu not hubby. So after I suffer a day of food trimming I go back again since hubby is not doing it. It's hard when he eats all the good food and i don't.
As other men needs some fat burners for men hubby just don't. I am jealous and so do other guys I know. Our Canadian friends were complaining about our rice... they said it made them fat. Well if it makes them fat to came just few months ago, how much more it did to me who were here since birth! :D

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