Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Oily Face

I did laundry today and I sweat a lot while doing it. Then came my sister that even she did not say anything I know what's on her mind, and funny thing about it was she asked to have a picture with me that I disagree to do since I look terrible and I felt sick too after I've done my laundry.
There were times that my pimples would go big because of my oily skin and it bugs me. So the other day when hubby and I went to the grocery store I was stuck in the facial thing area looking for best acne treatments or some beauty products that would smoothen my skin.
I found something that I would like to try and hoping to see good results.

It saddened me though that I did not have picture with my sister. But what could I do... I don't want to look terrible in that picture which I know would go on facebook. What sad is... she made the effort and I did not, it made me feel guilty thinking about it now. :(

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