Friday, October 29, 2010

Shoes for Hubby

Hubby is indeed in need of a new shoes because the one he's using now is old and worn out. The thing about him buying a shoes is quite a struggle for both of us because he is not only picky... he is also very thrifty.
I am thinking that this Christmas I would like to buy him a new ecco shoes, but my concern is that he might take it back to the store where I bought and compare with to the others if he won't be there when I buy it, and the other thing is when he is around too... he might not go for a shoes and pick-up something else. Whew!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Inside the plane (eva airways)

So yes!... hubby and i took picture of anything that we though
worthy of it. This is actually when we heading for Taipei
for a four hour lay over before a sixteen hour flight for Toronto.

Hubby and I

As hubby and I were in queue to get our boarding pass
from EVA airlines staff for our Canada trip, we seize this
moment and took pictures of ourselves :D.
naia airport Phils.
while we waited for our flight departure

Heading for Cambodia tonight

Our team is quite busy in packing things up for the trip tonight. Everyone is busy weighing their luggage but as for me and hubby we just packed last night and we are almost done actually. I worried actually because we are just taking a carry on bag and no check in luggage, but our bag is quite full already and has a lot of stuff to bring still. I am worried that we might exceed with the limit kilos allowed to carry and pay more. sigh! I wish I had agreed to get a check in luggage instead.... my bad!
I am praying that we'll be good specially that I still had hard cough, and hoping to bless people in spite of what I feeling and going through.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Beauty rest

Every once in a while... we ladies need for a beauty rest. Means that during our holiday... we should not only go here and there but also take time to get a good long sleep. What I mean when I say a good long sleep is we don't worry about anything when we wake up. Let the hubby worries about it. Anyways I don't think they need a beauty rest.
This is just my own idea of beauty resting is: shower early, apply best night cream on face and neck then say good night to everyone and even to your hubby, pray then dream of beauty.
Sure real when the morning comes... you are the most beautiful and happy woman.

need to diet..

After a month of holiday in North America a diet is a must to do thing. Though we did not eat rice often when we were there but we ate more of the good food Canada could offer. Our life there was like here and there; we're went here and eat, then we went there and we eat more and these thing happens the whole time we were in Canada. Everywhere we went we ate.
So now I'm on look for a effective diet pills who could help me with my diet worries. I don't know if I'll get the body I had ten years ago. hahahaha! To think that on Saturday we are off again to another country and it means a new variety of food to taste.
I don't know if I would say: hello fitness or welcome fatness!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Saskatoon Blues

A week ago hubby and I were in Saskatoon to visit friends and to attend a wedding too. During this trip... we were really hoping to see snow there since friends told us that it is cooler there than in Ontario. But to out surprise it was bright and sunny and even warmer.
The couple who host us would check the web directory for weather websites just to know what was the weather condition in where we are during that time or probably hoping that the snow would come for our sake too. But it never happen, no snow still.
Now hubby and I are here in Taipei airport waiting for our flight back to the Philippines and wondering if it is now snows at some places in Canada that we visited.
If it does... well it just waited for us to leave, anyways, we trust that the Lord knows whats better for us.

Niagara falls Visit

On our last day in Ontario, Canada, my friend Liss and her dad Leon brought me and hubby to Niagara falls a must see place in Canada when you go there. I was amazed indeed by its beauty and no wonder it is one of the seven wonders of the world.
Hubby and I were so happy to see it and we even see USA in the other part of Niagara. If we only had US visa our friend might have brought us in the US too.
Considering that it is a tourist place i am not shocked at all when everything in the area are expensive. Our friends brought to this restaurant called "Element" and oh my... when I open the menu book and saw the prices of the food my hunger almost stop. It was expensive, I will never go there to eat even I have a lot of money. hehehe (my thriftiness side).
My friend dad gave us some amount for souvenir shopping. well, if its only me... I won't buy anything, but my friend bugged me and said; I have no excuse of not buying anything because her dad gave us money to buy stuff we like.
So, there was nothing I can do but bought a t-shirt for hubby at hardrock cafe' section even though my mind just don't agree of buying there. :)
On the other hand though.. I am also glad that we did bought something as a remembrance from our visit there.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Know what?

...we really need to do some running or an hour walking because this trip of hours just put so much pound on us. We did a lot of walking though specially when we did the trip to Banff. We hikes mountains just to see lakes and falls.
After the hikes though we also visited some good restaurants and ate our hearts out reasons that we need fat burning supplements to help us slim even a bit.
I am hoping though that our trip to Cambodia will loosen us a bit maybe not with hubby(because he doesn't need any loosen up) but me.
Wish me better things! ;)

Something to try

Hubby once told me that he wanted to go to a gym so that he'll gain weight, but I just smiled to him as an answer. I don't want to be mean but I don't think it would really happen knowing his schedule. He doesn't even wan't to walk with me in the morning.
There were time though that when we happen to see a workout equipment(?) he would always tell me that someday he will buy one for me. How I wish though that.. that day would come :).
We'll he can try Abtronic x2 actually and see if this will work with him. With this he doesn't have to go to the gym anymore because he can do this at our house.

Banff pictures

When we were in Bnaff (Alberta, Canada), Dennis and Karen took us to tourist places in there. So these pictures is when we were at Gondola park. (Gondola-is a cable that will bring you to up to the mountain where you can see almost all of Banff. A very beautiful place.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Ipod in Mind

My friend has a beautiful ipod and looking at it just made me think of buying one for myself again. I reminded hubby again actually about it, but he only smiled and said wait. I've even day dreaming of what music I would put or where should I use it or would I lend it to friends (selfish little me). Sigh... ipods really just got my heart. If we really got money I would ask hubby ipod for a Christmas present.
I want one where I can watch a video too. It would be nice to have one specially when we are travelling far just like our trip today.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Getting Older

A lot of people realized that they are getting older when they reached the age of thirty, it is this time that they feel a lot of other hormonal issues specially when it comes to aging. A lot of people too has problems with health during this time too. I also found out that a persons growth stops when he or she reaches this age.
As for me, I don't really care about aging that much, unless I will come to face the reality that I am indeed in my mid of life and my hubby is still in his young teeny one. But I'm pretty sure too that i am not the only one struggling with this aging situation.
Some people would even try hgh to help them from aging. I just hope and pray that hubby won't be pasaway so much so that I'll be smiling the whole time not frowning.

Ptarmigan Inn

This is a place in Banff Park, Alberta CA. which we stayed for three nights. A very good place. The room was quite big for two people and it has two family size bed. It was very cozy. Hubby and I liked it so much.
Like any other hotels or Inn, they also provide a free good coffee and tea. Their soap are definitely Banff made means they made their own.
What fascinates me the most is their Polaris ATV or whatever it called. It's big and has flat screen.
Hubby and i enjoyed watching after our hot spring swimming.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Elmira again :)

We've been almost around Ontario these days. Our friends been touring us around. I just ca't tell the places or the name of those places we've been.
This trip has been the most interesting trip I ever had. Everything is new and different. I do have some struggles when it comes to the people I am with but good thing is my other friends has been supportive to us or to me specially.
I offended someone because I told her to back-off.
I just can't help it when other people seems overpowering you... and you don't like it because you are not subject to them in anyway but they just felt they ow you or anything. hehehhe.
Or... probably.. i's hard for a younger person to mingle for a long time with an older one. or its just me. I ma just probably hard to be with. sigh. I never actually thought i was until this trip happen.