Friday, October 1, 2010

Elmira again :)

We've been almost around Ontario these days. Our friends been touring us around. I just ca't tell the places or the name of those places we've been.
This trip has been the most interesting trip I ever had. Everything is new and different. I do have some struggles when it comes to the people I am with but good thing is my other friends has been supportive to us or to me specially.
I offended someone because I told her to back-off.
I just can't help it when other people seems overpowering you... and you don't like it because you are not subject to them in anyway but they just felt they ow you or anything. hehehhe.
Or... probably.. i's hard for a younger person to mingle for a long time with an older one. or its just me. I ma just probably hard to be with. sigh. I never actually thought i was until this trip happen.

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