Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Niagara falls Visit

On our last day in Ontario, Canada, my friend Liss and her dad Leon brought me and hubby to Niagara falls a must see place in Canada when you go there. I was amazed indeed by its beauty and no wonder it is one of the seven wonders of the world.
Hubby and I were so happy to see it and we even see USA in the other part of Niagara. If we only had US visa our friend might have brought us in the US too.
Considering that it is a tourist place i am not shocked at all when everything in the area are expensive. Our friends brought to this restaurant called "Element" and oh my... when I open the menu book and saw the prices of the food my hunger almost stop. It was expensive, I will never go there to eat even I have a lot of money. hehehe (my thriftiness side).
My friend dad gave us some amount for souvenir shopping. well, if its only me... I won't buy anything, but my friend bugged me and said; I have no excuse of not buying anything because her dad gave us money to buy stuff we like.
So, there was nothing I can do but bought a t-shirt for hubby at hardrock cafe' section even though my mind just don't agree of buying there. :)
On the other hand though.. I am also glad that we did bought something as a remembrance from our visit there.

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