Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Annoying Acne

Most people doesn't like to have some flaws specially on the face part. I've known people who are good looking when they were still young but when adolescence hit pimples and other unsightly happens to them that lessen their good looks.
I've known a friend whose problem is his face because it has lot of acne, he asked me many times on how to get rid of acne which I do not know myself because I don't get one. I have small pimples but never get the big one which I really thank God I don't.
Some friends told though that its because of stress, pollution, not enough sleep, food to ate, blood that causes acne.
Probably the best thing we can do about acne is consult first a dermatologist, follow the their advice and take a rest for a while. :)
Happy no acne day!

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