Tuesday, November 23, 2010

How to pass through Thailand-Cambodia Border

When we went to Siem Reap Cambodia for a Mission Trip.

Some simple steps that will help you get through the borders.

There's a shuttle bus from the airport to the bus station. The shuttle bus is free and it starts to run at 430 in the morning.
When you get to the bus terminal you get your bus ticket at the ticket booth not on those people who tries to sell tickets.
It's 174 Batt to get to the Poi Pet (Cambodia) border.
In the border you need to make your passport ready with the departure card that you get from the airport. You will also be asked to fill-up the embarkation form. Make sure you have this three documents in your hand before going in front of the immigration officer.
After you go through all this means your done inside but not really done done because you still need to fill-up the health information form that you need to submit with officers.
Then you are finally done.

When you are inside Cambodia already be careful on buying bus ticket. When you need to ask for assistance make sure you ask from people inside the immigration office.

The process is the same when you are entering Thailand-leaving Cambodia.

This may be not that accurate at least you have a hint of what to do because this is what I have done as long as I've remembered.

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