Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Medical Mission in Siem Reap

Our Siem Reap, Cambodia mission trip is over, and one thing that we do there was a medical mission to two village. Excitement, fun and pressure was all over us while we did the thing. It was Exciting; because this was our first time to conduct a medical mission outside the Philippines. Fun; because we meet new people and we develop new friends. Pressure; because we don't know their language and it was hard to communicate with them, we need an interpreter to explains things specially on how the would take the medicine we give.
We did dental, blood pressure and a lot of other things that I forgot whats its called since I'm not a medical person but only an assistant to the dental doctors :). We don't have any bovie equipment with us. I just wish we do because if we did... I know we could help more.

It was an interesting trip. All of us learned something and we did have fun while serving the Khmer people.


  1. I've always wanted to join a medical mission too. :)

  2. same with jam, i wanna be medical mission crew