Thursday, November 25, 2010

midnight coffee bash

Last night, our friends came to dropped by and they also bought red cup from starbucks. Though I'm already in bed, when I heard that theres a coffee downstairs, can't help myself but get up and went down to join with the group and it was almost midnight.
Huh! in doing such things made me almost awake the whole time. Sleeps visits me at four in the morning i think!. A not good feeling. I woke up this morning around past nine and I don't usually woke up that late.

I am afraid that when situation like this continues for several days, I would get dark circles around my eyes and that i not a good sight. And if does thing happen this way I will visit this site and see what they have for me. It amazes me that because of our high technology people find solution to almost all concerns that we have but still though the hard work is with man, it is the Lord still who gives mercy and grace and salvation.

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