Tuesday, November 2, 2010

X-mas vacay

Just an hour ago hubby and I were discussing about things this Christmas. He and the band where he is playing as a lead guitar was invited to perform in a five star hotel in Siem Reap, Cambodia on December twenty-fourth and twenty-fifth.
As for me, I might not go with them anymore because money wise... we are short of budget and knowing its Christmas... here or not (means me here or not here) we still need to give gifts and the most expensive one is the gifts for families because they want cash than stuff (sigh). So... if things don't change... I might be alone this Christmas or maybe not. Who knows I might be partying with friends here while hubby is away. :)
...0r I might be somewhere in one of Branson vacations gateaways (well this is a fantasy anymore, very far from reality. hehehehe). Well, no one really knows what God will do, since all I know this time is... I don't want to go anywhere else but home and bed and sleep!

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