Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Looking for a mattress on sale.

In two years time hubby and I are expecting to make our last house move because we are hoping we'll be able to move to our new permanent house, and even now... though its still early for furniture shopping we are already looking for stuff that we are going to put in our new house.
Its funny how hubby and I would go around from one furniture store to another in search of sofa, tables and chairs for our new home. We are actually watching out for a mattress sale because we are thinking of buying one to put in the guest room so that when friends or family stays for the night we don't have to worry for them because we have a place for them to stay.
Hubby and I are excited for new beginnings again, though we know that change is scary, but we put our hope and trust in the Lord and we know that He has something best in store for us :).

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