Sunday, December 26, 2010

Marc Jacobs Handbags for me

I have lots of friends who really likes bags in general no matter what's the name as long as its nice and new. Seeing them happy with their bags make me wish that I'm like them because I'm not and I even went out without bringing one.
I have an officemate though that she has loads of bags and she brought different one to the office almost every other day or depends on what she wore that day.
What really shocked me in a way was hearing from friends that some bags cost millions and some women fought for it. whew! never thought it happens that way sometimes. A bag is only a bag for me, I don't see any more than that.
But if I'm gonna have a Marc Jacobs handbags for Christmas... would be an amazing thing too. I couldn't ask for more Christmas gift than this.
I'm still waiting for a gift like this though! :)

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