Monday, May 31, 2010

Macau Trip Feb 2009 (places we visited)

Venetian Hotel (Inside and out!)
A lot of our friends visited this place because of its beautiful interior designs and a lot of beautiful other things too. And so we went to see its beauty and we are indeed amazed!

the sky is painted inside the hotel's ceiling
artificial river inside the hotel is hubby's background
inside the Venetian bus
the bus that would take you to the hotel
Inside this hotel is also a casino, fancy restaurants, jewelry shop and clothing stores.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Macau Trip Feb 2009 (places we visited)

grand lisboa

macau tower

some park
park near our hotel
Christian Church we visited
parked motorbike

Macau Trip Feb 2009 (hotel)

park in front of our hotel
our hotel
our bed
shower room

Friday, May 21, 2010

Macau Trip Feb 2009 (departure-Manila)

Outside Manila airport 3

while waiting for our departure time

boarding time

inside cebu pacific air

Macau airport

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Malay Food

Nasi goreng ayam (fried rice with chicken)
Kenigau pizza
some bread (forget the name. lol)
hubby's favorite soya milk
Orange soda

Pulau Gaya School

Just simply amazing.
This very beautiful and relaxing.
If I have to teach here that would be very lovely!

Our Friends

house of Pulau Gaya Baranggay Captain

A friend treated us dinner Malay food called Nasi Goreng

We also visited a Filipino friend house

Our beautiful friends in Kampung keningau

The house we stayed and family who accommodated us.

Our Malaysia Trip

My wife and I went to Malaysia last March 15 to 28, 2010. It was a mission trip. We indeed enjoy this trip. We have fun with both of the place and the people that we made friends there.
The ministry that we got involved in was amazing too.
I give God the glory!

airport to airport

Malaysia airport and Manila terminal 3 airport.