Monday, August 30, 2010

Successful team retreat!

We just got back from a team and partners in the ministry retreat at some resort in Laguna. We arrived there at night with a plan that we will have a swimming fellowship together. But instead of fellowshipping we indeed up sleeping. Everyone was tired, i mean all the girls were tired only the younger boys were enjoying their time singing and swimming. As for me I swam in the bed and did my real swimming the the afternoon when all my responsibility was all done. Well, I was assigned the main lady in the kitchen. I was not able to eat my breakfast and lunch properly because I though I'm full until when all the food is gone and we are coming back home that I really begged for food and yes my team leader indeed listen to my flee and we had a dinner stop over along the way.
I really had a great day!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Waiting is the hardest thing to do in life. Here.. is where the Lord keep on helping me to learn the hard way of waiting. Sometimes though I have the patience to wait, but most of the time I fail because my patience has limitations.
Emotion is mixed when situation like this happens to me. I got nervous, angry, frustrated and had sleepless night sometimes. Crazy me.
I just thank God that in my waiting time He is there to help me get through with it. He always use the Bible and some other reading materials to remind me the virtue of waiting and warn me not to sin while waiting.
PTL indeed!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

meeting for cambodia

Every other Sunday starting last last Sunday at 4pm is our team meeting for Cambodia. Whenever the time that we have to report our fund raising support I could see the pressure in the team.
i could see those almost to give up faces, that only the Word that they receive from reading the Bible encourages them to continue. If only money does not make the world round but it is a fact that we need it for this trip. Part of me would like to give my funds (if ever I would have) to them. If only ate Anne will allow me to stay and let the youth go instead of me... I would happily do that. But I know that she won't allow that since my role is quite vital.
I just pray that everyone from the team will not lose heart but pursue and take courage for that Lord is good and able to meet our needs.

There it goes.....!

We sent our application documents to Canadian Embassy, Manila, it was picked up by air21 courier. Hubby and I are both excited and nervous for the results because no one knows really except the consul that reviews our documents :).
God controls everything reasons why we put our trust and faith in Him. Whatever the results will be... we know that God has a reason why He allow things to happen.
Praise God for all that He did is awesome.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Club Manila East

Two weeks ago my team and the sbc team went to club manila east for a swimming fellowship. This happens because we wanted to treat the sbc team some coldness after days of sweating in the ministry. They had fun indeed as well as us.
Club Manila East is located at: Taytay Rizal another one in Real Quezon and Boracay.
But when we came back from CME we were stranded in a huge traffic, we left at 4pm and arrived home at 12mn. whew! the supposed two hours drive became seven to eight hours.

Intramurous Manila, Philippines

We always went to this place. I mean I think we've been here close to twenty times already.
Here are some picture, actually this is not the latest picture though but still I would like to post this anyway.

Please read

Greetings of Peace in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ!

It is with gladness and great excitement that we write to you. We thank the Lord for this wonderful opportunity to share with you what God is doing in our ministry.

In the past nine years International Teams-Youth Mobilization holds local and foreign mission trips, we have been training and mobilizing youth leaders for the work of community service. In partnership with other organization and churches, we bring youth leaders to local and foreign community project trips.

It is our greatest passion to train and develop more youth leaders to community service projects and expose them in the field with the hope that they will become the next generation of leaders who will help transform communities, and so doing, becoming a blessing not only to our own people but to other nations as well.

This coming October 24 to Nov 2, we will be serving in Cambodia for medical, dental mission and community related projects. We will also conduct a hygiene seminar for the community. To make these community projects possible we are in need of your assistance. We want to invite you to be part of giving, as we are asking your company for some assistance. We would like to challenge you to become a part of this event to extend whatever assistance & help you can sincerely give, for the benefit of the community whom we desired to extend our love with. Your kindest heart would be greatly appreciated.

We will surely appreciate whatever help you will extend to us. Together let us make an impact and make a difference in this simple way. May the Lord Bless you and Keep you always.

For further inquiry and information on how your company can help, please do email me at or call us at our office no. Telefax: 02 844 04 05.

Sincerely in Christ, Noted:

Richyll Honey Torredes Eric T. Benavidez

Touch Trips Coordinator Team Leader/ Youth Mobilization

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

places hard to forget!

This is my friend Michelle. She is a midwife from Luton, England and she came here to do missions. She helped us by giving semi- medical consultation with the pregnant woman at the slum area. What she experienced really broke her heart and changed her views about life forever.

This is the other side of the Philippines. Though we have a lot of massive and beautiful malls and has condos and rich villages. There are also those who can't barely afford a shelter just like this woman whose house is made of rugs.
God bless the Philippines!

Monday, August 9, 2010

soon will be posting about Intramurous

Been real busy these past few weeks and still busy up to now. But hopefully soon I can find time for my blogging responsibility.
Intramurous means walled city. And here's also our Rizal Museum.
Can't do it now. Need to go and do something work related :)