Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Would like to have

I almost giving up my new Filipino made cellphone, I am thinking of giving it to hubby since his is old and dying already. But, i am asking of a new one, a new cell phone with a wifi on it so that I can checks my e-mails and can do facebook anywhere as long as there is connection.
Hubby told me to wait until Christmas because he is thinking about it. I even joked and said if he could give me an iphone a thing that make his eyes go big :). Well if hubby would give me one I would be very happy and would ask him to buy me some iphone 4 accessories to put on to make it look more beautiful.
But all this thing is all a wish or maybe it will come true to... who knows!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Where I live

I remember four years ago when hubby and his team which I am now in too went to Boracay ( a famous white sand beach) for a local mission trip. With them was a bunch of Canadian youth too. While they were there they saw a lot of foreigners in that place and what shocked them the most was seeing a lot of younger girls holding hands with oldies. I'm just wondering though how older guys love to hang out with young women, and how they handle youthfulness. So my wondering mind thought that maybe they use some herbal male enhancement to retain their youthful looking image.
But buggles my mind is how come younger girls love to hang around older guys too. :)

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Arrived in Elmira at about twelve in the morning friday. It was freezing cold outside for me but very refreshing too. Part of me would like t just stand outside and savor all the coldness but the fact is I just can't since it was to cold for my body.
It was same thing in the morning too. still cold and freezing. But alas! the view was all amazing. It feels like we were in a real farmville with all the silos, horses, fields, trees, old mail boxes and huge fields.
Incomparable indeed! very beautiful and quiet! there was only few people I saw in the street, and most specially no traffic.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Is in Canada

Is in Canada today. Actually since last Thursday, we arrived at eight forty five in the evening. While we were on the plane still preparing to go out we could feel the coldness from outside already. And indeed we were freezing cold went we finally was out of the airport. Very different from were we live where we sweat twenty four seven.
But it was fun and refreshing to feel the coldness of Ontario, and soon we are going colder because we are going to Saskatoon!
But I am confident in the Lord that it will be gonna be fun and more of Him!
Praise be to Jesus!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Child safety carrier

My couple friends who lived in the States has two kids, one is two years old and the other just a year. When the second child was born we found out that they bought a new bigger car because they have a new baby coming. They also bought a child safety carrier thing. They were required to get one when they have a new baby. So when the baby and his mommy went home from the hospital he had a new carrier.
It's made me compare here in where we live because we don't have things like that. When you get out from the hospital you just get your baby and carry her in your arms and bring her/him home.

More Accidents

Last night we drove to my friends house an hour and twenty minutes from the airport. It was a long drive too since there was no traffic. Along the way we saw an accident and our friends mother told us to count the accidents that we should see and compare with the accidents in the Philippines.
These people indeed needs Texas truck accident lawyer specially if they drive crazy. They drive very fast reasons why they need some lawyers to help them settle things like this.
I just hope my friends who live here don't get any accidents even if they have good lawyers. A good lawyer won't save a life at stake even if they are the best one.

Time is Change

We arrived her at Toronto last night at eight forty five in the evening and since we left Manila we haven't had a good long night sleep at all. It seem that everything is just a nap.
We went to bed at two thirty this morning and woke up at six o'clock in the morning and still up until now trying to fight jet lag. But hubby is taking his nap at the moment. He was not able to make it till tonight.
Tomorrow is the big day, it's my friend wedding and I am just hoping I won't get any dark circles in my eyes because it would ruin my day.
I'm hoping things would be good!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Awkward Talk

Hubby and I are good friends I mean we should be the best of friends. We can talk just about anything and I don't hide my thoughts with him too.
There were times that I would asked him question s that is exclusively male talk only, and I would asked him if they talked about it as male friends. I wonder though if they talked about taking some herbal male enhancement for anything.
Hubby is not shy of telling me of what he knew. He just trust me not to tell people about things that we have discuss as couple. I just love my husband!

Not one notice it yet

Most of middle age woman dilemma's are their eye wrinkle, and when eye wrinkle attacks a woman, there is no way that you ca deny the fact that your aging.
So mostly... you can find them lining up in the beauty products section of a department store looking for the eye wrinkle treatment ever.
There was this one time that I was looking for that kind of products myself. And Alas! there were loads of products I saw in there and mostly expensive that hubby just told not now mahal. But I really would like to try though and see the effects on me.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Need to Trim Up!

I laugh at hubby's rambling sometimes because he wanted to go a gym so that his muscles will go big. hahaha!
Hubby is not a big person. People were actually telling him to eat more or get my food and eat it so that I won't get bigger or he'll gain weight instead of me. Well, what people don't know is hubby is an eater. He ca eat a whole large pizza and still want more or could eat a mountainful plate of pasta. But he just don't gain weight at all, I don't know where those foods went.
There were times that our whole house in in diet bu not hubby. So after I suffer a day of food trimming I go back again since hubby is not doing it. It's hard when he eats all the good food and i don't.
As other men needs some fat burners for men hubby just don't. I am jealous and so do other guys I know. Our Canadian friends were complaining about our rice... they said it made them fat. Well if it makes them fat to came just few months ago, how much more it did to me who were here since birth! :D

Acne Treatment

Some people are just vain specially about their looks. I knew some friends who are like that.
I remember talking to a friend about how vain her friend was, and as I was to say something, she said I know I am vain too (this made me laugh :D).
Well, as for me I am not like that or I'd rather say I just don't care how I look until someone would say something then there I would consider things.
I knew a friend to too who has a lot of big pimple on their face. They've been into a lot of treatment but only later that they found acne treatments that works. They acne indeed was gone but the marks are still there.
Its funny how his acne's humbled him though. There were times when he was not proud of himself anymore since he has a lot marks on his face.

Oily Face

I did laundry today and I sweat a lot while doing it. Then came my sister that even she did not say anything I know what's on her mind, and funny thing about it was she asked to have a picture with me that I disagree to do since I look terrible and I felt sick too after I've done my laundry.
There were times that my pimples would go big because of my oily skin and it bugs me. So the other day when hubby and I went to the grocery store I was stuck in the facial thing area looking for best acne treatments or some beauty products that would smoothen my skin.
I found something that I would like to try and hoping to see good results.

It saddened me though that I did not have picture with my sister. But what could I do... I don't want to look terrible in that picture which I know would go on facebook. What sad is... she made the effort and I did not, it made me feel guilty thinking about it now. :(

Unique kids name tags

Hubby and I been through a lot of kids ministries. The smallest group we had as I have remembered is no more less than fifteen kids.
Working with kids is no easy work, if you don't have the passion for these little children you ought to be in this kind ministry.
During our first day of ministry we required a name tags because it's easier to know the kid's name for no matter how many times you asked them their name, chances are you will forget since there are loads of them.
Working with kids is a bittersweet feeling. Bitter because they are loud and messy. Sweet because they are sweet and enjoys your company more than anyone else. :)

where did my excitement go...?

A month ago I was super excited for our trip to Canada, and we finish our work assignment the soonest possible so that when we have no backlog while we are away.
We are leaving in two days now and it seems that my excitement has left me. I am not excited anymore but kind of afraid. I don't know what to expect when we get there.
I am not even sure now if our friends would still be glad to see us.
All I have right now is my faith in Jesus. I know that He will never leave me nor forsake me. I know that the Lord is with me whatever situation we may be.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Damage Car

Our friend came to our house last night. They stayed here a bit longer that when they went home its already fast four in the morning. It was crazy how girls talked and talked specially when they just see each other once. It was a fun evening though. I enjoyed having them around.
One thing I noticed when I walked them outside our house to where her car was parked, the car has a big damage upon its drivers door. I was later told that she was hit by a car one heavy downpour night, and she did not bother to go out and check since she was afraid its a modus operandi thing and when she will got out people will seize her, get her car and do something stupid with her.
This is one thing where we would be thankful with auto insurance companies because all you need to do is report what happen and they will do the rest.

Club Manila East

Hubby wishing at Club Manila East.
It was a fun crazy time.
But our trip back was not fun, being tucked in a long traffic for four hours was not fun at all.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Need a hot bath...!

We helped a friend from the US booked a in a hotel just around where we live. So after we picked her up at the airport we dropped her at the hotel. So it gave us the opportunity to see her room. It was a not big room but spacious enough for her since she was alone. It made me see the bathroom too and aha! there was a big bath tub that made me wish I am stayed there too so that I could enjoy a hot bath!
I just wish now that there's a jacuzzi tubs in our house so that when times that our body aches from busyness it would be easy for us to just sit in the jacuzzi tubs and relax.

Are you sick?

When I was doing my ec dropped a month ago when I came across this post about a decease called mesothelioma. It got my interest and read the whole post and even search for more topic and thus my own research. I found that this is not an overnight acquired sickness but instead a long before you will know.
I was scared at the moment and have thought of what have I done in the past that will make me a victim of this. So far I can't think of anything or I'm just paranoid sometimes that somethings made think that might be a cause.
Some people have come up with a mesothelioma diagnosis though, to make other people who has this deceases to at least know that there is still hope in their life. If the cannot help us, there is still one that is able to help us and that is Jesus. All we need to do is pray!

This is it!

Finally, today we got our e-ticket from the ticket agency where purchased it it. This is final... everything we need when it comes to the flight is all good. What is lacking with us is my dress for the wedding and some present for some friends.
We already bought our weddings gifts yesterday at "Kultura" all Philippine made store. We went there because there is no place we can thing of going for a gift. Also two night ago hubby and I went to our office to look for some luggage and yes we got one.
Our schedule would be very hectic when we get there. No time for wandering alone. But anyways.. what matter most now is..... we are finally going there.
God is good!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Ticket is not purchase yet!

Ooh no! Its the 6th of September already and our plane ticket is not purchase yet but it is reserved though. Yet reserving is not enough we need the ticket the soonest possible.
Money thing is very complicated... it is a very hot issue as always.
But as for today God has answered our prayers. We have the money for ticket already, all that we need to do is prepare for ourselves in what will gonna happen ahead.
Whatever it is.. I am confident enough to face it knowing I have JESUS in my side!
God bless. Happy day to all!

Friday, September 3, 2010

Whole Body Massage

These past few weeks are really a crazy week for me. Been all over Manila because a friend is here with us from the US visiting the Manila. We kind of tour her around. Just yesterday, we brought her to Fort Santiago to see the old Manila place and some showed her some cathedrals too which she truly love. After that we brought her Manila zoo for she wanted to see some Philippines animals. It was fun! She even have pictures with the animals in the kids area. Loved those animals too specially the birds and the monkey. We ended the trip with a refreshing snacks at McDonald.
And today we woke early because we have a "jog for a cause" our fundraising for our Cambodia Mission trip. And later today we are bringing our friend to Mall of Asia for dinner.
Well... based on my post today, you could notice how hectic our schedule was and is. We definitely need some body love. We really wished to be in a body sap place and lying on a massage tables. ooh I could even imagine it as I am writing this.
Hopefully next week we can find time to relax and have a body massage. Really need it badly.