Monday, November 29, 2010

the goodness of flaxseed

I never knew about flaxseed until I went to Canada and visited this store that has good stuff in it. As we stroll around the grocery we found a lot of mixed seed plus dried fruit in a bag. then our friend told us that that mixed seed are really good and very healthy.
Then when we looked what inside the bag.. we found out a lot of different seeds, there's pumpkin,flax,sunflower, watermelon, theres also peanuts and almond and other dried fruits.

I also then found out the goodness flaxseed oil benefits. I keep on looking in our groceries here I can find flaxseed and the other mixed nuts but I can't find any. I'm sad coz I really like it for snacks.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

midnight coffee bash

Last night, our friends came to dropped by and they also bought red cup from starbucks. Though I'm already in bed, when I heard that theres a coffee downstairs, can't help myself but get up and went down to join with the group and it was almost midnight.
Huh! in doing such things made me almost awake the whole time. Sleeps visits me at four in the morning i think!. A not good feeling. I woke up this morning around past nine and I don't usually woke up that late.

I am afraid that when situation like this continues for several days, I would get dark circles around my eyes and that i not a good sight. And if does thing happen this way I will visit this site and see what they have for me. It amazes me that because of our high technology people find solution to almost all concerns that we have but still though the hard work is with man, it is the Lord still who gives mercy and grace and salvation.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Almost a month

After our trips I found out that my eating habit is not right. I found out that I'm often hungry and I crave more rice than before. I was contented to one cup of rice before and even gave half or one fourth of it to hubby, but this time that's not happening anymore since instead of lessening my intake I ordered more.

So instead of getting slimmer I'm getting the other way, which is sad to think. Each time I put on my clothes I wished I'm slimmer. I'm wondering if conjugated linoleic acid can do something about this dilemma of mine. I know there's a lot of slimming pills out there but I am afraid to try because I am not ready to face the side effects specially now that we are trying to get me preggy.

Seriously I am not thinking of taking slimming pills just don't know when!

Annoying Acne

Most people doesn't like to have some flaws specially on the face part. I've known people who are good looking when they were still young but when adolescence hit pimples and other unsightly happens to them that lessen their good looks.
I've known a friend whose problem is his face because it has lot of acne, he asked me many times on how to get rid of acne which I do not know myself because I don't get one. I have small pimples but never get the big one which I really thank God I don't.
Some friends told though that its because of stress, pollution, not enough sleep, food to ate, blood that causes acne.
Probably the best thing we can do about acne is consult first a dermatologist, follow the their advice and take a rest for a while. :)
Happy no acne day!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

How to pass through Thailand-Cambodia Border

When we went to Siem Reap Cambodia for a Mission Trip.

Some simple steps that will help you get through the borders.

There's a shuttle bus from the airport to the bus station. The shuttle bus is free and it starts to run at 430 in the morning.
When you get to the bus terminal you get your bus ticket at the ticket booth not on those people who tries to sell tickets.
It's 174 Batt to get to the Poi Pet (Cambodia) border.
In the border you need to make your passport ready with the departure card that you get from the airport. You will also be asked to fill-up the embarkation form. Make sure you have this three documents in your hand before going in front of the immigration officer.
After you go through all this means your done inside but not really done done because you still need to fill-up the health information form that you need to submit with officers.
Then you are finally done.

When you are inside Cambodia already be careful on buying bus ticket. When you need to ask for assistance make sure you ask from people inside the immigration office.

The process is the same when you are entering Thailand-leaving Cambodia.

This may be not that accurate at least you have a hint of what to do because this is what I have done as long as I've remembered.

Woman love boots!

When we were in Canada last months we were thrilled to see woman (older and younger) wears boots all the time. When we went to the mall, park, church and even at the grocery store. Like sixty percents of women wear boots. Probably it because of the cold weather or just plain fashion, I do't know.
Well I myself would like to wear or have one actually because it look good on women or women looks good on womens boots. But i just can't wear it here in the Phils. or where I work because.. first it's hot and second people around me just wear rugged pants and t-shirt and running shoes.
Or probably I don't wear it because its not just me, I'm not that type of person and I'm not comfortable wearing but really love watching at those whose good on having it!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Home Theater is a man thing

When we were in Hamilton we met a Filipinos community and we even attended their church. One of them became a really good friends of ours. He would often come to our host house to look for us and even brought us to the mall. Then one night he insisted that we should go to his house for dinner and we did. At his house, he should us a lot of his favorite gadgets and other stuff but what he really bragged about was his home theater system that he set-up in the basement. He really liked his home theater system and he even offered to us to set it up for us when we have one. We'll house I wish we indeed would have one but as for now that would be the least in our list of priorities.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Pen my friend!

My friend Pen is a very busy person. She is still single, finishes two bachelor degree and now is UP taking up Community Development. She is happy and contented with here life. Her motto I think is "rest means doing something while resting". You will never find her idle... her physical booster is work. I feel tired listening to her need to do list.
People like my friend needs some physical loving like Blue Advantage. I just remember her telling me that her parents bought a health plan for her so that some day when she got old and no honey she won't worry about her not taking care of herself because they already paid it for her. What an amazing parents!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Medical Mission in Siem Reap

We were so busy when we were in Siem Reap Cambodia for our ten 1 week mission trip,
but what bugs me is... how come I never loss any weight at all. I was very busy then and
I don't eat that much too since I don't the know any of those and it taste weird to me. So I think I need thermogenic fat burners to loose some weight.
Anyways, here are some proof of what we do during our mission trip. It was great and fun too! It's good to know that though Philippines is struggling so much about its economy but Cambodia is way more of that struggle than we do.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Have you heard about apidexin?

Arrived home safe and sound from a eating session at my boss' house. It was fun to see and fellowship with friends and long time no see friends that we met there. We had a lot of fun talking and laughing and doing other crazy things with each other.
I have eaten a lot tonight and drinks a lot of pop too. Just thinking that if this happen every week I think I need to buy some weight loss product and does apidexin work? I've read positive comments about this and thought that it might worth a try. Who knows this would work for me.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Everybody's place

When we visited our friends parents place, we were so amazed by the big houses that they've got and they have also this not very noisy thing in the basement called basement moisture dehumidifier. We could not figure out what it is until my friend came to explain us what it does to the dampness in the basement.

It is really neat to know that every country or place has something... to help people make life easy or at least comfortable in a way. Just like here in the Philippines, since its hot we don't need hot water or heater unlike in the cold countries... what we need here is electric fans and air-conditioning.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

During our trip

When we were in Ontario our friend's dad invited us to watch a live hockey game (I see live.. because we only watched it on tv and never watched live). Hubby and are were excited of course.. though we really don't know what to expect and what team should we cheer on. It was indeed a fun night.
Though we learned a lot of Canadian games but we never went to see any but hockey, we didn't even have the chance to see any soccer game. I wonder if when you are really a good soccer player, if your coach will allow you to use a personalized soccer balls during a play.. because if it does.. that would be cool... eh?!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Medical Mission in Siem Reap

Our Siem Reap, Cambodia mission trip is over, and one thing that we do there was a medical mission to two village. Excitement, fun and pressure was all over us while we did the thing. It was Exciting; because this was our first time to conduct a medical mission outside the Philippines. Fun; because we meet new people and we develop new friends. Pressure; because we don't know their language and it was hard to communicate with them, we need an interpreter to explains things specially on how the would take the medicine we give.
We did dental, blood pressure and a lot of other things that I forgot whats its called since I'm not a medical person but only an assistant to the dental doctors :). We don't have any bovie equipment with us. I just wish we do because if we did... I know we could help more.

It was an interesting trip. All of us learned something and we did have fun while serving the Khmer people.

X-mas vacay

Just an hour ago hubby and I were discussing about things this Christmas. He and the band where he is playing as a lead guitar was invited to perform in a five star hotel in Siem Reap, Cambodia on December twenty-fourth and twenty-fifth.
As for me, I might not go with them anymore because money wise... we are short of budget and knowing its Christmas... here or not (means me here or not here) we still need to give gifts and the most expensive one is the gifts for families because they want cash than stuff (sigh). So... if things don't change... I might be alone this Christmas or maybe not. Who knows I might be partying with friends here while hubby is away. :)
...0r I might be somewhere in one of Branson vacations gateaways (well this is a fantasy anymore, very far from reality. hehehehe). Well, no one really knows what God will do, since all I know this time is... I don't want to go anywhere else but home and bed and sleep!