Monday, January 3, 2011


Five days from now hubby will be moving to Cavite an hour away South of Manila. We might live there the rest of our lives since we also got a house there. sigh! part of me doesn't really want to leave Makati, there is something in here that I like. But what could I do if I really meant to live in Cavite... forever.

This maybe a sacrifice in my part but I am still glad knowing that hubby's family is rejoicing because we will living close to them and they hope that we will be a great help to them in their times of distress. (goodness!) I pray that I'll be able a good help to them (because there is a great possibility that I might get burned out of helping and understanding them, I'm afraid that one day I'll loss temper and get really angry like incredible hulk. so help me God! :)

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