Sunday, January 9, 2011

Cousin is taking up a nursing degree

I had a good talk with my sister the other day. Hubby and I went to Mang Inasal, Libertad to meet her. As we ate our lunch... we also did a little chat. I asked her how our relatives doing and she told me that one our my uncle Nesto's son-actually his youngest is taking up nursing in College but not an online nursing degree though.

It feels good to know that some of my cousins are really taking studies seriously, and I feel proud for my "tito" too because though he hadn't that much, he make it a point to send his kids to school despite of the lack of financial thing. Well, I know that fact too that he himself is an education lover too. I remember grandma telling me to make my "tito Nesto" as a model in my family because even though he needs to walk two hours to go school because they don't have money for transportation he will, and there where times that he doesn't have any food to eat during lunch time he doesn't care for his goal is to finish school and skipping classes was not on his vocabulary. He even begged grandpa and his brothers to just send him to school.

Now... the Lord blesses him with kids that also prioritized studies more than anything. I salute you "tito Nesto"!

My friend who lives in Georgia is actually planning to get an online nursing degree when he has time and his two little kids won't be that hard to babysit.

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