Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Expect the unexpected!

I been thinking of what to do with my life and my ministry this past end week of the yearfor this year 2011. I would like to plan for the ministry but nothing comes... I been thinking of things to do. I did asked God... but same with some people I know... He remain silent too.

I was kind of floating actually as if going with the "come what may" flow, until this morning when my team leader told us that in our devotion that there were two greatest sins that the Israelites had committed: idolatry and forgetting to honor sabbath (they forgot to take a rest... they kept on working). So then I just realized that the Lord want's to plan for my life and for my time for this year, and all I need to do is take time to get closer with Him! (just like the old days... were there was only me and HIM).

I desire that the Lord will treat hubby and I again to places where he wants us to be to give him the glory. It doesn't always mean that giving glory to God is doing something for his kingdom... sometimes it simply mean... take notice the beauty of his creation and give God the glory due to HIM.

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