Monday, February 28, 2011


We went to JohnDel beach in Batangas yesterday. Our team brought an American friend from Ecuador who is visiting us for four days. He is going back home today. The resort was great but the beach (I mean the water) was not good. Good thing Johndel has a pool where a most of us enjoyed swimming.

It's seems ironic to say that we went to a beach but actually swimming in the pool. I enjoyed very much especially with friends around.

Thank you Lord for giving us great time!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Fruit Diet

Hubby brought me pineapple for lunch today because I am having my fruits and vegetables diet. Its not that easy though because people around me are eating their normal meal. Part of me would like to just forget what I have started (about this fruits and veges diet) and indulge myself to the good food.

In spite of the hardship that I am experiencing right now with regards to my diet though. I am hoping still to make it to the finish and get the ideal weight I am hoping. If I won't make it this way, there are other ways though on how I could get a leaner body and it is through weight loss supplements... its just I am not a good pill taker. I usually forget or just being lazy.


We have issues in our country today with regards to loads of nursing graduates and yet they don't have work reason why lots of our nurses would like to work abroad because they don't seem has future here. I saw on the news last night about this newly graduate nursing student who went to Christ Church, New Zealand to work just a few days ago and is now trapped in a building where she studied English language in preparation for her work. It is sad to see that this is what she'd got in there.

On the other hand, other graduates would just like to wait till their time arrive that they get hired and could work here as nurse. Finally then, they could proudly wear their medical uniforms during that time.

I pray that those who are still waiting to be rescued under the collapsed establishments in New Zealand will survive.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


I don't take really vitamins because I don't feel I need it, but some people I know specially the older one told me that I needed it specially now that we are trying to get pregnant. I am actually thinking of getting one just don't know when it will happen since it's not really in my list of priorities. I do hope that I'll be able to get womens vitamins and be patient enough to take it everyday or as prescribe. I or most of us need supplement to supply the vitamins or nutrients that we don't get from the food we ate.

I hope I could buy one for hubby too!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Credit Card Use

We we're applying for a credit card since two years ago and we just got approved first of this year. Of course we are so glad to have it. We use it to groceries and a lot of other stuff. It's scary to have a credit if you don't have self-control because you'll end up in debt all your life.

I am thankful that hubby and I are both aware of the liabilities of using that card plus our credit limit is very low reason why we can't really use it that much. But i am really thankful to have this because it helps us a lot in a way that we don't have to worry that we might get rob because don't carry loads of cash with us whenever we get groceries.

I just hope and pray that we will be able to pay all our debt.

Scars on my legs

I have this scratched on my legs and I don't know when and where did I got it, I just have noticed it yesterday. I tried to remember the things I did the previous days but it's sad to say that I don't remember anything I did that would cause me a wound that would mark an ugly scar on my skin.

I am still thankful though because it's not on my face and I don't have any acne marks either or else I'll be using acne scar removal to remove the insightful mark. Good thing that there are creams that remove scars in todays time unlike before there was none reason why I have a lot of scar in different areas on my body.

A month-long diet

I've been patiently eating fruits, vegetables and crackers for more than a week now, yet still I don't feel light, I feel and look the same even though I have starved myself (starved in a way because I don't eat like the normal way). I do this in hope that after a month of doing so I'll get the weight I hope for to have.

Well, if in case I won't get the result by doing this, I might be force to get Best weightloss pills ever. I am afraid that my dress won't fit me if I don't lose weight till the first week of April because it's my friend wedding. I would like to look and feel beautiful on her day! :)

Friday, February 18, 2011

Wished I am Taller

When I'm home in Cavite, all I do is watch television since there's nothing more to do. So whenever we talked about "what's happening in the country today?" I could say a little because I somehow had seen it on tv.

Aside from the news and world updates, of course comes the advertisement. There is this tv ad about a hotdog that has growth vitamins in it just like hgh human growth hormone that helps us grow a little taller. I myself wished that when I was young my parents should have had bought these supplement for me so that I am taller now.

There is nothing I can do now for myself though, but for sure I will give growth supplements like this to my future kids (God willing).

Clean Face

Riding in hubby motor bike in midday today coming to Makati for hubby's band practice was not easy because it's so hot and vehicles was everywhere. We almost hit a guy in the standing in the sidewalk, hubby said it was his fault because the guy just should up and he did not notice him coming.

I was sweating inside my sweatshirt and since my face was exposed because the helmet I used has no full covering all the dust and smoke was all over my face. I am just thankful that in behalf of all of these I am still out of acne or else I'll be using nanocleanse, it's not that I don't like using it, it's just mean additional to my budget expenses.

Later tonight I'll wash my face thoroughly.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Still with Hope

My heart got broken again last past two days because of something I hope for that never came. Its been a long time that I keep my hope up because I believe that my God is able to do things for me. I sometimes would like to quit though but looking to His promises I just can't and instead keep on trying/trusting and hoping again.

I praise Him for He is God! Thank you Lord Jesus!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

See... what I got on Valentines!


a rose and chocolate
Thanks to hubby for the surprise!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Cash Help

Been struggling financially these past few weeks because of lot of expenses and yet income-wise we are not doing good! Our budget has been stretched to the highest level. We are paying three houses every month and we are also helping the day to day need of surviving of in-laws. Most of the time I wished I have more so that giving out is not a problem or a struggle for me and hubby. I just hope that each time we needed financial help we can rely on cash advances that our office could give, but what sad is even our office is not doing good when it come to general funds. We are all hanging on.. on the mercy and grace of our loving God!

What's funny is: people looked at us as if we don't need money help of we have loads of financial support. We may look great (because that's what we try to be) but deep inside we are crying out for help.

I praise and thank God though, because He is never late in giving help to His beloved people!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Laptop table

Just recently hubby and I bought a new couch when we transfer to our new house. The reason why we did because we though that it would be good coming home after a tiring day and rest with it. The color of our couch is dark green and we love it.

It is actually good having a modern furniture at home and having this made us feel excited coming home as always. Besides the house looks good with it too!

I am also wishing to have this laptop table below. I wish to have this in the future!

Rap Song

I was listening to a Christian rap song just a moment ago. The song was about the testimony of the singer. In his song; he said that he wanted to go to school but he just can't because his parents has no money to send him to. The songs broke my heart and made me cry. It reminds me of the youth I've known who also wanted to go to school but can't because of the same problem: money.

This thoughts of mine made me wish that I was the one who won the half a billion lotto price even though I don't buy its ticket and bet. Why those who has none has the heart to help than those who are able?!

I am sure these young people would like to have a nintendo ds which is the same with me when I was young. I actually envy those who has, but praise God for now because He meets my needs and granted my desires according to His will!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Friends... off to Singapore!

A lot of our friends are leaving tomorrow going to Singapore. They're going to attend a mission conference hosted by International Teams ( a mission organization). This event happens every after two years. This was held last time in Macau. Hubby and I joined then but it sad that we are not able to make it this time.

We are hoping though that next time.. we will be able to join the team.
I pray that God's bless-full hands will be upon all of them.

Praise you dear Lord!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Six Months Ago

Thinking backwards: way back mid last year I remember our team leader telling us that he wants to create our own website but the problem was he doesn't know how to do it so we definitely need to purchase and hire some dedicated hosting sites/person to do it for us. So we consulted some IT's that could help us understand what we want to do. And since no one from my team knows what to do and/or no one was interested to do it... nothing happens.

I honestly admire those people who could configure things easily in here. I wonder how they do it. A lot of friends though who live abroad offered to make our website and some have created already but our problem is... we don't know how to manage it. So what we want is someone that lives here and is dedicated to do it for us.