Thursday, February 10, 2011

Cash Help

Been struggling financially these past few weeks because of lot of expenses and yet income-wise we are not doing good! Our budget has been stretched to the highest level. We are paying three houses every month and we are also helping the day to day need of surviving of in-laws. Most of the time I wished I have more so that giving out is not a problem or a struggle for me and hubby. I just hope that each time we needed financial help we can rely on cash advances that our office could give, but what sad is even our office is not doing good when it come to general funds. We are all hanging on.. on the mercy and grace of our loving God!

What's funny is: people looked at us as if we don't need money help of we have loads of financial support. We may look great (because that's what we try to be) but deep inside we are crying out for help.

I praise and thank God though, because He is never late in giving help to His beloved people!

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