Friday, February 18, 2011

Wished I am Taller

When I'm home in Cavite, all I do is watch television since there's nothing more to do. So whenever we talked about "what's happening in the country today?" I could say a little because I somehow had seen it on tv.

Aside from the news and world updates, of course comes the advertisement. There is this tv ad about a hotdog that has growth vitamins in it just like hgh human growth hormone that helps us grow a little taller. I myself wished that when I was young my parents should have had bought these supplement for me so that I am taller now.

There is nothing I can do now for myself though, but for sure I will give growth supplements like this to my future kids (God willing).


  1. Okay lang na hindi matangkad basta ba HAppy weekend sis.

  2. ehy, hope you are kidding. have you seen the side effect?!?