Monday, March 28, 2011

Annoying blackheads

I am not good at taking care of myself these days. I don't trim my eating habit anymore and I don't do any work out as well. All I did was lye on my couch the whole day. It's not that I am being lazy or timid or anything; it's just I needed to do this.

So the other day I could feel that I am getting bigger again (well who would slim down in just lying anyway) and I could see some red painful marks on my face or pimples too. I would like to prick it even though it would leaves an ugly mark, because if I won't this would lead to blackheads and I hate blackheads it annoys me to see one.

If hubby got blackheads and I saw it; this just means that I need to get hold of hubby's face when we get home because it bugs me seeing it on his face. However, just click here when you have problems about blackheads and sure-real you'll get the solution you need.

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