Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Was not able to register

Hubby went to Land Transportation Office yesterday to register our motorbike as a compliance with the LTO rules and regulations, but it's sad to say that he was not able to do it because our motorbike plate number is not yet included with the LTO database system. So he needs to go to another office to inquire of what to do with situation like this.

It's really a hassle! and have to spend more money. I don't know if the insurance we get last year will still work this year and if not, I don't know what hubby would do then. Hopefully we could get a cheap auto insurance for our motorbike. Getting cheap insurance will really help us lower our expenses.

Hubby will work with the registration tomorrow. I just hope and pray, things would turn out good! :)


  1. kahapon lang din kami nag parehistro :)sa wakas..may penalty na nga eh..pero sabi ni dolf agnun daw talaga, need lang yata i follow up ni doy dun sa binilan nya..ganun din daw kasi yung motor namin dati.