Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Boracay in mind this summer

I was talking with my in-laws the other day about how would we spend our summer specially now that the kids are out of school since it's summer break. We really have great time talking about beaches, swimming pools and resorts.

Last year, I and some friends went to Ilocos Sur and Norte and have explored the city and other tourist spot and also have visited some beaches as well. We have great time together and I even remember playing "it" in the street during night time under the moon light just like kids.

This year I am dreaming of going back to Boracay. I've been there three years ago and I miss it and would like to go back. I don't know though if this thing would happen specially that everyone is busy and has children already. So it's really not that easy to schedule a trip, but how I wish though that it's only and hour away from here in Manila.

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