Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Gift for Hubby's Birthday

Hubby's birthday is coming soon, and honestly I don't know yet what to do even though I have ideas but still I don't have any fixed plans yet. One thing I might though is prepare a special meal and invite some friends over, of course I won't inviting a lot of people because I will prepare just little food.

Gifts: i don't have any particular gift in mind for hubby as well. whew! I just don't know what to give hubby, I actually knew some things that he really would like to have such as; acoustic non-electric guitar and some other stuff that I totally forgotten (but this thing I cannot afford this time).

If only hubby loves to cook like me, I might get him gifts from Grilling Gifts for Men, I say grilling because I meant we can have a grilling party with friends all the time when we have grilling stuff. But I don't think hubby would appreciate a grilling gift that much as I do. Well, anyways I got a mixing stuff as a gift from him for Christmas. So, I think he might like this as well. Don't you think? Lol!

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