Sunday, May 22, 2011

Hoping to get Skinny.

I just finished eating two bowls of rice (not a big bowl though just a small one) with corned tuna as my partner with the rice, and I feel very full and feel bad about myself. Actually I find it out that I ate more these previous days than the last months. It maybe because the Iron vitamins I take, and not only the food craving, I also am become sleepy during the day.

I am quite worried that it might double my weight in no time specially these days that I don't really do anything to lessen any weight at all. But I have learned something from this cissus quadrangularis weight loss. I'm not really quite sure if I would take this since hubby won't let me take just any pills for the reasons that I might get pregnant anytime soon (I do really hope and pray that its soon, sooner than I imagine).

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