Wednesday, May 11, 2011 rainy sunday...

Last Sunday, it was actually "mom's day" when the husband and myself decided to go for a joy ride to Tagaytay (a place where most people go when they want to escape the hotness in Manila). The sky was just a bit cloudy when we left home, but a long the way or half way from home and target place the sky went black from just cloudy and hard rain poured down. We were both soaked but still enjoyed the ride.

I tried to upload a video in here to share with you, but the our internet connection just won't let me :(.

Hope I can next time.


  1. hello there... i have never been to tagaytay but I live in a place as cold as it is "so i was told" i like to go there though some other time soon hopefully...

    BTW you have a nice travel log.
    following hope you follow back... thanks :) :) :)

  2. Yeah it was a rainy Mother's Day. We weren't able to do much too :( I miss Tagaytay!