Thursday, June 23, 2011

Trip to San Pablo Laguna on a rainy Sunday

Last Sunday our team leader asked a favour from hubby to bring a couple friend to their house in San Pablo. So after church we went. It rained so hard but we are thankful because there was no traffic and the trip was not that hard. What made that day special was we made friends with the young couple.

Here are pictures on the way to San Pablo:

Friday, June 17, 2011

ADA Lifts

We were watching a tv "believe it not" show. It really amazes us (both hubby and I) to watch this show because it shows people that others has this extraordinary ability to do extraordinary things. It actually inspires those who thought that they can't because it gives them hope that they can still make it if they persevere.

I saw this young man without feet and without hands but can swim and dance and can lift himsels up without need of help. Saw other people of abnormalities (I mean, those who are in wheelchair) because their feet just fail them but still fight the good fight of faith and are determined to finish the race of life. Some people, even though are contained on their wheelchairs are still very competitive and athletic, they must be using an ada lifts to help them lifts themselves. What an inspiration they are! God may bless their hearts and their lives.

Loan Resources

We went to our bank the other day to pay our house. As I looked around the place I can't help but wonder how come there's more than three banks around. Then some questions arise in my mind in how could these banks profits because of competitions. There's loads for clients to choose. But somehow it really helped people to pick the good one, yet for us, we were not the one who chose our bank but the company developer. We are actually thankful for their help because it's not easy for us to get a checking account, but with their help we're able to get one.

In front of the bank I saw a signage that says, "you can loan here" and it made me remember the payday loans online I happens to see on the net. I wonder though what is easy to get loans: online or not. But I have this conclusion that online is easier than that is not based on the requirements you need to give to get one.

I agree that loans specially financial services like this are huge help in times specially when we are in the stage of desperate financial help. You could get instant cash over night with no sweat at all. But I also would like to encourage those who benefits this help to also be responsible in paying back as you have promised. Its hard to tear down trust specially with the ones you knew you can count on in times of trouble.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Wii for me?

Actually when I saw that some of my friends have wii's and they also use this as an instrument to get lose weight, I felt the urged of getting one for myself so that I could also do some work out at home using this thing. My desire got washed-out when I found out that to have one means I need to pay a really good deal of money.

With my recent financial situation, I need to let go of this because this is no way that I can afford it unless I'll be flooded with more opportunities and get paid really good, just then might be able to afford the cheapest one. But this day all I want is to buy hubby the wii zumba as a father's day gifts even though we are not parents yet.


There are times in my life as a wife that I have this disagreement with hubby , a disagreement that refuses solutions, I say refuses because the issue don't die, its like a disease that's not being treated so it come back whenever it is triggered. Hubby and do live a good harmonious life as a couple, but I do believe that there's no perfect relationship. So I consider ours as normal.

I just wished when things gets wrong with us that there's an instant treatment to my feelings, I wish I'm someone who is like him (attitude wise) so that there won't be any misunderstanding or conflict between us. A lot of times I thought that the things I thought is good is also as good with him, but definitely not because we are two different people. When things like this happens I wish I'm ill enough to be brought to california treatment centers to be treated.

I know... I'm a bit weird sometimes, but this is what we called.... life!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Online Payday loans

With less task and pays receive from my online income, I sometimes worries on I on earth I could pay all the bills. There were even times that I really prayed hard to God that somehow an advertiser would happen to drop by at my blog, review it and hire me. Good thing because "the One" I prayed for hears prayers and send down blessings to those who ask for it.

I could recall when there were times before in my work that my finances don't meet ends. That halfway through payday all my money is gone specially with the high prices of the commodities, my allowance don't really helped me that much. If only I have the access to connect with online payday loans no credit check then I might have apply. But, I don't have blog back then, all I knew was how to do emails, I don't even have any social network site. Worst of all, I'm afraid to turn on computers for virus may get in and I'll be liable to its breaks down.

Yet, in today's time, that I myself had progress too, with the "know how" knowledge about computers and stuff, with all these gadgets that I have, I still do worries. My worries never change it's all about how could I pay all my bills and end of the month expenses. If hubby would only allow me to get online payday loans no credit check , I might take courage to do then when times are really tough just to lessen burdens specially now that we are still are expected to help both of our families. In fact, my sister has just told me that she really is in need of me to help her with her schooling.

I wish money would rain down on me!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Was at MOA for our 3rd year Anniv.

It was late afternoon already when hubby decided to go to Mall of Asia to celebrate our third year wedding anniversary. I was actually proposing for Tagaytay but he refused because its further than MOA.

Here's some pics:

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Is here at the office

..yes, I'm here at the office during work again. Actually I never knew I missed it until today that I come again. I miss doing my work. I found out also that it's easier to do the work here at the office than do it at home, coz all I need is here (e.g: people, resources, table and other stuff).
Plus, I really love coming here on Wednesdays because there's a lot of people in here coz it's our team day. Today, we have discussed a lot of ministry stuff, and it's good to hear about it again... though there are scheds that I don't feel good hearing it. hahahaha! This is just me and my lazy me!

It's actually a rainy day today, and it rained hard this morning as well. We were actually partly wet when we arrived here at the office. What make it worst though was when we enter in the meeting room, it's freezing cold because of the air-conditioning. Duh, good thing I brought with me a shawl.

...and now it's time to go home, yet as I was looking outside coz my table is besides the window, I don't like what I'm seeing. The sky is dark and the road is wet. ooh no, this means that going home is a tough job.