Friday, June 17, 2011

ADA Lifts

We were watching a tv "believe it not" show. It really amazes us (both hubby and I) to watch this show because it shows people that others has this extraordinary ability to do extraordinary things. It actually inspires those who thought that they can't because it gives them hope that they can still make it if they persevere.

I saw this young man without feet and without hands but can swim and dance and can lift himsels up without need of help. Saw other people of abnormalities (I mean, those who are in wheelchair) because their feet just fail them but still fight the good fight of faith and are determined to finish the race of life. Some people, even though are contained on their wheelchairs are still very competitive and athletic, they must be using an ada lifts to help them lifts themselves. What an inspiration they are! God may bless their hearts and their lives.

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