Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Is here at the office

..yes, I'm here at the office during work again. Actually I never knew I missed it until today that I come again. I miss doing my work. I found out also that it's easier to do the work here at the office than do it at home, coz all I need is here (e.g: people, resources, table and other stuff).
Plus, I really love coming here on Wednesdays because there's a lot of people in here coz it's our team day. Today, we have discussed a lot of ministry stuff, and it's good to hear about it again... though there are scheds that I don't feel good hearing it. hahahaha! This is just me and my lazy me!

It's actually a rainy day today, and it rained hard this morning as well. We were actually partly wet when we arrived here at the office. What make it worst though was when we enter in the meeting room, it's freezing cold because of the air-conditioning. Duh, good thing I brought with me a shawl.

...and now it's time to go home, yet as I was looking outside coz my table is besides the window, I don't like what I'm seeing. The sky is dark and the road is wet. ooh no, this means that going home is a tough job.

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