Wednesday, June 15, 2011


There are times in my life as a wife that I have this disagreement with hubby , a disagreement that refuses solutions, I say refuses because the issue don't die, its like a disease that's not being treated so it come back whenever it is triggered. Hubby and do live a good harmonious life as a couple, but I do believe that there's no perfect relationship. So I consider ours as normal.

I just wished when things gets wrong with us that there's an instant treatment to my feelings, I wish I'm someone who is like him (attitude wise) so that there won't be any misunderstanding or conflict between us. A lot of times I thought that the things I thought is good is also as good with him, but definitely not because we are two different people. When things like this happens I wish I'm ill enough to be brought to california treatment centers to be treated.

I know... I'm a bit weird sometimes, but this is what we called.... life!

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