Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Always in the Hospital

A friend of mine was just came from a community hospital a few days back. He stayed at the hospital for three days due to an operation. We teased him in a way because just a few months ago, he was confined with the same hospital for an abdominal problems. He seems like a hospital boarder or in other terms lodger.

Honestly, I don't like going to the hospital. I have my share of this "hospital saga" of my life, what I mean is: I consider my hospitalization a medieval history and I want it to remain like that. It was not a good one (something that I almost died of), and I don't wanna go back again to a hospital.

My sister in-law has an eyesight problem and it freaked me out why no one in the family is taking a moment or two to bring her to a hospital or optical clinic for I'm sure they are equipped of eye-treatment- device such as vision screener so that her eyes could be treated. I actually wish she's old enough to take care of herself, but all I can do now is suggest things and nothing more.

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