Sunday, July 10, 2011

Me In a Diet Mode?

Friends thought of me crazy these fast three days that we were hanging out together (when I say hanging-out is: we were together from dinner to midnight snack to breakfast to lunch and to dinner again :)). What's made them freaked out when they were eating and I'm around is, I'm counting the food calories that we/they are about to consume and it made out all felt horrible in a funny way. Friends are friends even in horrible times.

Actually we all are thinking of diet pills that work or really works effectively, we are not teenagers anymore and our body's don't lose fat like a teenager does. At this age of ours when we eat food it's kind of being stocked in our body unlike when we we young and we ate loads and loads of food it seems that the food just went somewhere else. whew! I really need some good diet.

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