Sunday, July 3, 2011

New office

We just have finish painting our new office an is now setting up the tables and other stuff. So now as hubby arrange some things on our table I have this good opportunity to write a post in here. Well, it has been a week of true physical work for me and it really got all my energy. All I want and need this time is a good rest and a relaxing massage.

Anyway, I would also like to write down in here what I have done that made me tired. Together with my team, we painted the walls, windows and the floors of the new office. We also did a lot of sweeping and scrapping. We were all grateful that we have tools that made our job easy, like the sturdy step that we use so that we can reach the upper part of the windows and walls. I now realized that doing these things without proper tools will be very challenging.

Now the place looks good and cool and it feels like its a real office now. I am excited to come to the office.

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