Friday, July 22, 2011

Unintentional Gossip!

I'm here stuck in a room (a guest room of my beloved church). We're here because we decided to stay for several days for we felt tired of coming here and there riding the bike with all the heat and sweat and air pollution due to undisciplined vehicle owners.

We woke early this morning due to some loud noise outside, but we did not get up because there's really nothing to hurry about and in fact we don't see any people preparing for any activity here today. So we stayed in the room. Yet, if you look at the outside the room seems unoccupied since there's no light, the fan is set at a very low mode and it seems that no person is inside.

But the fact is, hubby and I are here and with all our innocence hearing all these gossips from older women who talks about people that are not their concerns. blah, blah, blahhhhh.... and another blah. These people makes me mad... about myself and about them.

I'm mad about them because: they are talking confidential issues(not concerning of themselves) in a public place. I am mad about myself because: I'm seeing a bit of me in them.

So help me God that I won't be like them.

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