Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Got me moving

I slept near twelve midnight last night and woke up at three am today and did not give any sleep at all because my baby is awake as well. I tried to do some online work but the baby just don't make me work at peace... she kept on calling me trough her crying/whining. So there's nothing I can do but stop my work and attends my baby's needs.

Friends actually told me that for sure I'm going to lost weight because of sleeplessness and tiredness. But to the contrary I don't, and in fact I feel I'm getting heavier. I just hope though that I don't have a pcos sickness. My weight plus is due to not proper eating probably and too much coffee (my coffee has much sugar and cream), I also ate more these days.. more rice and more of sweets.

I do hope that I'll able to loss weight with apidexin fat burner, and that I'll be able to fit my smaller size clothes :)

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