Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Friends and LCD's

I am happy and excited about my friend J's new lcd. It was indeed big and has loads of add ons ( I mean she not only get a the lcd tv but it goes with other mini theater equipment's). I was happy to see it and even watched a movie in it. Such things are really tempting you have in the house, but when you are short in budget don't even dare to look at them or else you'll end in debt.

As for me... I might get one of those when I have move to my new house and has a lesser expenses, and as for today I'll just look at this samsung lcd tvs first and pray that the Lord will give me one someday. So since, I'm capable of buying it, I'll get contented with our flat screen samsung tv first.

LG LK520 55-INCH 1080P 120HZ LCD HDTV

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