Saturday, September 10, 2011

I need a car

Yes, I need a car and this time is for real. If I could only sell hubby's motorbike more than its price so that I could buy a car now... then I probably would.
The reason of this... is because traveling with a baby without your own car is no fun at all. Its always double the expenses and to think that we are cross cutting things since our expenses are getting out of control because of the baby.

I wish I have a lot of extra income and I even wished I have a business even if its small as long as i have an income every month. I told hubby to look for a possible business spot, but since hubby is no businessman and don't have any business inclination... he always tell me that " I really don't know what to say... maybe you do it."

So now I thinking that probably the Lord has no go signal for me to do any business, and maybe I need to pray more about this as well but as for now I really need a car... not a borrowed one... but our own.

Then.. when the Lord blesses us a car I could look for a polaris rzr accessories... that is if the Lord will give me a Polaris brand of car, but to tell you any brand will do.

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