Friday, September 23, 2011

Remembering my sleepless nights

I work as a telemarketer before to someone who lives in the US. I called people from the there through my computer. It was a good work though even it gave me sleepless nights since I do it during midnight here in the Philippines. The only thing that was hard was the accent. The locals could sense that I'm no American with the accent I have.

My boss was good to me though he provided all my needs and even gave me a vtech cellphone for my personal use co'z we can't use it to call people in the US. Someone borrowed that phone and never returned it. I'm pretty sure that vtech batteries is still good and the phone is still working. I just hope and pray that the phone is indeed in good hands and serves its purpose.

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  1. I hope so too. But you know, you can always take it back kasi pahiram pa din yun. Hay. Anyway, do you work from home? Or do you work at a call center?