Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Tips: smooth shave

Lifestyle is change now after this two months old baby came to our life and changes everything. I do not worry about at least smoothing myself up because kissing my wife with an unshaved moustache is never been an issue with her. Sometimes I don’t even notice that since I forgot to shave I look like a different person until someone like my mom would tell to clean myself up, not that I am dirty or something, it’s just all about my beardy.

Now that we have our baby life changes.. in a good way. I need to shave every other day so that I can kiss my girl. And though I don’t feel like doing it, but I need to if I want my face close to her. Ooh.. babies has this unintentional power to manipulate and hypnotized their parents and I think even the toughest person on this earth will be soften with babies charms.

Here are some tips though in having a soft clean after shave:
· Choosing a good razor blades is one factor to have a good shave. A good shaver can make a perfect shave.
· Applying a shaving cream before and after shave could also help make a perfect shave.
· Make sure that you always wet your face (for males) and legs (for women) to prevent skin irritation.
· Choose also a good badger shaving brush. You used use a shaving brush to spread the cream rather using your finger.
· You can apply a pre-shave oil as well. It soften the beard for shaving.
· Use a face scrub or shaving soap when you don’t feel like using a cream, but don’t shave with none of either of the two.

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