Thursday, October 13, 2011

Cupcakes for me

I went to a nearest mall and other department store looking for a plastic cabinet for my daughter's stuff co'z our cabinet can't contain all our stuff anymore. Some of our clothes are just sitting on our couch co'z it won't fit in anymore. So hubby and I decided to buy a cabinet for my baby Z.

When we were in the mall, while hubby was watching a band, I myself went to the bread store looking at the cakes, cupcakes and other sweets. I don't know what happen though because I was not able to buy one and just thought of it when I was home already.

A friend of mine makes birthday cupcakes for a living though and she already made some for a friends birthday. I probably would buy one for my baby Z's birthday or since I am craving for some... I might have some of it for my December party. :)

 24 Gourmet Dipped Swizzled Berries

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