Saturday, October 1, 2011

Dollars: dreaming of you

I wish I have more of these bills below on my paypal account, IT account, and on my wallet... specially that Christmas is rushing towards me like water. I am actually in deep thoughts these past few days because of it. My thoughts is more of those people (family and inaanaks) who are expecting that I'll be able to remember them this Christmas. They are so lucky because someone is thinking of them... but how about me... is there someone who thinks of me or even considering?

I think it's unfair sometimes... specially on my part co'z it has been three years in a row that I seldom get gifts. It's not that I am expecting though (expecting like a kid)... it's just, you know... It feels like no one cares when you don't get any. I don't know... I am probably just experiencing a little low today reason I'm writing this way.

Giving is not really an issue with me co'z it's one thing I love to do... giving... but planning about it with no budget is totally different. Sometimes... all you wanna do is hide from people until its over. But to tell you... I am very much excited for Christmas and God knows that.

I wish to have more of this before Christmas (and pray God will do a miracle for me).

Person counting bills (Thinkstock)
(photo copied from the net)


  1. baka midlife crisis na din yan? hahaha! sige ya, reregaluhan kita sa pasko..pero regaluhan mo din ako ha? :D

  2. hahahaha. baka nga te rocks. hay... sana nga bumaha ng dollar sa atin.