Monday, October 17, 2011

I want a new camera

A month ago hubby and I saw this very cheap camera online with a 14mp. We thought it's good quality and a high time for us to get one. So without so much thought, hubby took his credit card and here I go typing the details and stuff. Unfortunately our credit card got disapproved. It made me sad on the first place but was glad as well because it was an impulsive act on my side. I was actually afraid that it might debited on hubby's credit card because I have tried it twice. Good thing it didn't.

I need a camera because I need to take picture of my baby and her milestone, I'm not satisfied with my cellphones camera anymore specially it has 5mp only. I don't really care if I have to buy olympus camera batteries for a real camera (well, what I mean is... not a cellphone's camera). I'm not losing hope still. I know next year I might have one, not only a camera but an iPhone too. :)

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