Thursday, November 17, 2011

For grandpops

All souls day have gone that fast. Whenever that day comes, people in the Phils are gone crazy going home to their hometown and going to the cemetery. Some to visits deceased loved ones and others just goes there to have fun. A lot of people really spent a lot of money for such a time as this.

As for me, I don't to to the cemetery to visits my deads because I don't want to be with a lot of people. All I do is remember the good things/memories we had when they were still alive. And I have loads of good memories of them except from my mom whom I don't even met. All I've got from her is the good stories my aunts and uncles had told me about her.

Remembering my grandpops who is now with his maker is how he loves tobacco when he was still alive. If I have have to give him a gift, I probably would give him a davidoff cigars that I would be buying from davidoff cigars online. Grandpops would be very happy to receive from from me. The sad thing is... no matter how good a cigar is... he would never appreciate now. All I want to think and believe in faith that he is enjoying now with Jesus more than he enjoys the comfort of cigars.

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