Tuesday, November 22, 2011


When I'm watching tv programs I'm always looking forward to watch the commercials co'z they're relieving to watch. Some of them are hilarious, others are drama, some are action but for me... I always look at the funny one co'z they made me smile/laugh. There is this commercial about of a telecommunication company about a mom who always knows her sons need though he's not telling it because she has "strong connection" with him.

A mom would:
...always find time for her children a midst her busy schedule...
...and would not look at their busy schedule when her children needed her...

She would always look for what's best for her kids and even looking at peppyparents.com for uppababy vista 2012 to see if there's any for her beloved children. A mom would deny herself just to help her kids even to the point of death. In fact my mom-in-law is sick right now due to over fatigue or too much work. She works hard so that she could send her young kids to school because their dad is not providing for them. This actually made me angry... but I couldn't do more... after all I'm just a daughter-in-law as some people say (I help though.. whatever there is I could do).

I salute to mommies and daddies out there who does everything to give their children a good and neat living.


  1. May good parents be blessed and their children grow as responsible members of society.

  2. I agree Jun. thanks for the comment. :)